Sold Didges

Didgeridoo #215

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  • Key: B
  • Length: 68″
  • Bell: 5″
  • Mouthpiece: Canary, Padauk, Walnut
  • Wall thickness: Very thick
  • Back pressure: Very strong




Sold, Thanks Kieran! in Tucson, AZ

Didgeridoo #207

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This is a strong, thick old soul didge.  Nice dense wood with a beautiful curve that sits perfectly as you play. I always love working these thick bigger bore didges. This one has good bass to it and nice strong vocals and overtones mixed with the strong drone. When I was crafting the mouthpiece I wanted to mimic the colors of the desert and love the way it came out. Also have a nice inlaid turquoise at the base. If you are looking for a bigger bore didge, some of my favorites, this could be a great fit.



Sold, thanks Laura! In Austin, TX

Didgeridoo #206

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I love the shape and taper on this one. With that great big bell and taper it has some extremely explosive qualities. I just finished this one so playing it for the recording was when I realized how quick it can play, The overtones are really easy as well with its taper and the vocals explode out of the bell. I love the look of the mouthpiece on this one. It has a little smaller opening at a little over 1 1/8″ for those that prefer that size. C is the root chakra and the only crystal bowl I have is in this key. I feel that grounding notes are so important especially in this time were we have so much mental stimulation.


Sold, Thanks Ian! in Vernon Rockville, CT

Didgeridoo #202

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This beauty has so much volume and response to it. D has always been a very popular note and always one of my favorites. I remember when I was in a slump playing and a D got me out of my funk. With its thin walls and big bell it projects well and takes hardly any breath to get moving. Great response to any small manipulation and the overtones are also easy to find. This one would be great for performance or playing in drum circles to be heard and with how easy it plays is great for beginner to the most advanced.


Sold, thanks again Adam! in San Diego, CA

Didgeridoo #205

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I have played this one more than any on the site at the moment. It has such a great feel to it and is a rhythm machine. It has a nice clear drone and the response is superb. Really great vocal abilities and the overtones are so easy on this one.  C# has always been one of my favorite keys, maybe why I have played this one so much. This one just keeps calling you back and opens up more each time I play it. This would be great for a player that likes to do percussive style playing mixing in the overtones and is really great for quick rhythms. Also is great at  playing in a more  ambient style of playing. This would be great for a beginner to grow as a player quickly with its unbelievable responsiveness and ease of play. The most advanced will have a blast playing this one and be able to really make it sing.

Sold, thanks David! in Powhatan, VA

Didgeridoo #208

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I love the long thinner neck on this one and it plays with such power and ease. I have been enjoying these tapers a lot for their quick rhythmic abilities and overtones. The drone on this is really crisp and powerful and has a ton of  vocals. The thin walls make for bright vocals and back pressure is perfectly strong. I love the fire of the mouthpiece on this one and it matches the sound and playability of it. Also as with almost all of my didges this has lots of turquoise inlaid throughout you can’t see in the photos. One of the tops on the site and look forward to see where this one winds up.


Sold, thanks Chris! in Annandale, VA

Didgeridoo #204

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A# is one of the most popular and fastest selling keys. Partly because they are hard to find as they require more length and they are more time consuming to make. This one measures in at over 6 feet in length and has some really nice thick dense wood.  It plays with ease and requires very little breath with really nice back pressure. It has the ability to excel  in a a slow ambient style but also can play in a fast tempo with ease.  A really nice quality to have with the deeper notes. A# is the pineal or third eye chakra. One of the reasons these are so popular is that these deep notes are so good for meditation and sound healing. The third eye chakra is associated with inner wisdom and intuition. A great choice for a player wanting to utilize the didge for its healing and meditative properties.




Sold, thanks Katherine! In Old Greenwich, CT

Didgeridoo #187

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If you haven’t played a deep keyed didgeridoo you are in for a real treat. A# is one of my favorite notes for playing a more meditative ambient style of playing. With it’s light weight, thin walls, and deep resonance this would be perfect didge for players using it for sound healing. These deep keys require very little breath and a slight adjustment  in lip buzz as it has so much back pressure. Once it is figured out it is amazing where these deep meditative sounds take the player. With its thin walls it produces quite a bit of volume despite having a smaller bell. Overtones are so easy as well with its taper and length. A#’s are hard to find especially ones that are more portable and weigh so little. A steal at this price for a rare note to find.




Sold, Thanks Eduardo! in Salida, CO

Didgeridoo #188

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Upon finding this old weathered agave stalk I wondered if it could be salvaged. The wood spoke to me though and loved its variation in colors,  hard resonant walls,  tremendous bell, and challenge of making it. I’m happy that I didn’t pass it by as it metamorphosed into quite an impressive player. If you like deep bass frequencies and volume this this could be the didge for you.  Despite its size this one  takes hardly any breath and the back pressure is nice and strong even with its open bore. In addition to its awesome bass frequencies it has incredible vocal abilities. Vocals seem to be projected through a megaphone out that 8.5″ bell and traveling vocals with its great length creates such cool effects. It is very  responsive and is also easy to produce clear overtones. Typical with many of these Old Soul didges the wood has so much variation in color from many years in the desert. I don’t know what causes all the pigment changes in the agave but sure love the way time in the desert adds stories in the wood.  A beautiful piece and player!


Sold, Thanks Brant! in Santa Barbara, CA

Didgeridoo #184

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This fun fusion is actually the same stalk but flipped to have a more interesting form. Instead of a bow shape it now rests at a perfect angle when played. I love especially love F# and these higher notes are so fun to play. They take a bit more breath and  and lip control so I would suggest them for a more experienced player. this one has the ability to play with incredible speed and also has really easy to hit overtones. I love where this one takes me rhythmically and has incredible response, volume, and vocal ability. Besides being a really cool form I have several turquoise inlays throughout that accent the agave colors so beautifully. If you are looking for a new key to explore with the ability for speed and percussion this would be a great fit.


Sold, Thanks  again Hiro! in Kuki, Saitama, Japan

Didgeridoo #186

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I was so excited when I found this agave and was the first I worked on when I got back home from that day collecting. I absolutely love these thick old souls for the way the way they play and look. I am guessing this was waiting out in the desert for a few years waiting to be transformed into an instrument. While out there it became a home for many insects that created a ton of opportunities for me to inlay turquoise throughout. This one has such a great taper and has perfect back pressure. It responds to any tiny manipulation of sound and has such a good feel to the drone. The vocals are clear and loud and the overtones with its bore taper, wall thickness, and length make the overtones a cinch. This would be great for a beginner to the most advanced as it is so easy to play but has so many capabilities.




Sold, Thanks Jeff! in Knysna, South Africa