Didgeridoo #343


On a recent camping trip I was collecting wood for fire when I found some beautiful alligator juniper that I wanted to turn into a mouthpiece for one of the stalks I had found. It seemed to fit this stalk just right and love the contrast it has to the agave coloration. I just love C# and has been one of my favorite keys since I began. It is such a grounding earthy note and always a great one to play and relax to. This one plays so easily and has such a rich and calming drone. It also has a lot of spunk and really excels not only in meditative style of play but has tremendous rhythmic and percussive abilities. The overtones are so easy to reach and add to rhythms. This also has such amazing vocals and back pressure. This would be great for someone who has never picked up a didge as this one will be a great teacher and also teach a thing or two and inspire new rhythms for the most advanced. A gem especially at this price!!




Originally $475

Price: $425.00

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