Customers Say

Kyle –
I received the piece this morning and just now I had the opportunity to step away from my desk to try it out.
First of all, it’s goooorgeous. I love the lengthier mouthpiece that you chose for it – not only is it stunning but the quality of the drone is just what the doctor ordered!
This one in particular really hit the heart-centre in me. I’m still vibrating – there is so much medicine in these instruments. I am looking forward to growing with these two pieces and continuing to expand my collection and supporting you by checking out your upcoming pieces. I’m feeling immense gratitude for the work that you do – I hope you know just how special the two pieces you have sent me are to me.

With deep appreciation,

Rodolfo, San Rafael, CA

Hey i got my didge in, im at a loss of words for how awesome this is! It is truly a masterpiece, i can see the heart and soul you put in to create this. It feels so right playing and the rumble felt in the body is soothing. Im so glad i found someone who truly finds there work more than work but as art and embodying the spirit of the instrument. Also, thanks for the note aswell it means alot to me. One day ima come back for one in A#! Thanks again kyle!

Joshua, Sierra Vista

We received our new didgeridoos today (very fast shipping – as with our first order), and I’ve been playing the big C# ever since. I’m very happy with it and after my first order, I’m not at all surprised that it’s every bit as awesome as I hoped it would be. It’s so responsive and sharp. It will probably become my favorite, but I expect it will be no time before my wife claims it for herself as she’s done with most of the nice didgeridoos I’ve bought before…We appreciate dealing with you, and I’m sure you’ll hear from us again – though it may be a while before we’re ready to expand our collection further.

Thank you,
Owen, APO, AE, USA, Germany

I’m playing her right now. I absolutely love it. It’s a beautiful piece of functional art & I know its going to bring me much joy and relaxation. Thanks again so much for your impeccable craftsmanship and kindness.

James, Miami, FL

It is here in beautiful form!!! Ed has it humming already and is in awe.
Thank you so much for sharing your art!
Michelle and Ed

Hey Kyle!

We Love it! This didgeridoo is so beautiful. She is just as stunning as her three cousins here with us and just as delightfully unique. We love each and every one of them and are so excited that she is now a part of our didge family. The first time we listened to the sample, we felt her song with our souls. The sensations felt while playing were transcendental. Kyle, we truly feel the soul you put into your craftsmanship. You have immortalized their spirits, allowing them to express themselves in a co-creative bond as we play. Thank you again for the the impeccable packaging, the speedy shipping, sharing your artistic passion, and being your awesome self.

Your friends in New York,
Kristen and Christian

Hey Kyle, I received my Didge yesterday.
Way exceeds my expectations! This thing is beautiful and sounds lovely.this is my first real didge, so I’m very excited to get to know her!
You have a customer for sure!
Thank you so much!  You are a master craftsman! I’m very glad I found you. Nice work on the website 🙂 I’ll be back

Colten, Colorado Springs, CO

Yoooo Kyle, the didge rocks my world. Seriously everything I was hoping for. Earth shaking, sonically versatile, easy to play, love it.

Rek, Dallas, TX

I have been enjoying a good time with 291,
now called Blacksnake. It goes Low and can get super-quiet
throughout its amazing range from bottom chakra through ultra high overtones.
Its super-immediate back pressure and light weight
allows for great ease of playing & flexibility of tonal movement. Big Thanks for creating your wonderful array
of individual instruments. Getting to know them
has changed my life.

Jeff Schlanger, New Rochelle, NY( owner of 8 Desert Mountain Didges!)


The didge arrived today. Wow!! What a beautiful instrument. It is gorgeous to look at and magic to play. I will need to spend some time with it to get used to it, particularly to smooth out my circular breathing. I will treasure it. Thanks so much for your wonderful craftsmanship.

Cliff, Davis, CA


Received my shipment. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with the craftsmanship and beauty of this instrument. Very few of my internet purchases exceed my expectations but yours certainly did. Wish I was a good enough player to comment on the sound but at this point all I can say is I love the drone tone. The only downside is my wife thinks it’s too pretty for me to use and she just wants to display it on the wall!

Andy, Boise, ID

Hi Kyle, just wanted to let you know my didge arrived today and it’s absolutely beautiful!
The pictures on your website don’t come close to showing its beauty. Thank you so much for creating this beautiful piece of art that will be used as a healing instrument.
Much gratitude!

Terry, New Lowell, ON, Canada

So after a 1/2 an hour cleaning packing peanuts up off my garage floor (lol…appreciate your dedication to safe and secure packaging) I unwrapped my new buddy. Kyle you are amazing…it is beautiful!!!! The combination of the natural beauty of the ‘wood’ combined with your artisanship makes for an awesome final piece. And it plays amazing…you were so right – that tone just goes straight to your soul.

Sue, Rochester, MI

Hi Kyle,

I just got the didge a few hours again and have been practicing with my Paiste gong and my B Celtic RAV. The didge is awesome!!! It is so beautiful and a work of art!! This is my first low didgeridoo and I love the key of B. It will be a lot of fun getting to bond with this right away. I plan on recording with it and will send you a sample soon. Thanks for everything and I will definitely be getting another didge from you.

Julia, Washingtonville, NY

I absolutely love it. Thank you so much for being so good about wrapping up the instrument to make sure it would not suffer any damage during it’s transportation. I really appreciate the amount of care and attention that you put into packaging the didge safely. It’s funny, I knew I would love the didge even before I unboxed it just based on the care that you put into packaging it. And I was absolutely correct. The didge is nothing short of harmonious mixture of beautiful and mighty. I am honestly still in awe of the piece. You’re truly an artist. I was able to play with it for a little while earlier today and I am already in love with the quality of the drone and the feel of the instrument on my mouth. It’s perfect! I will continue to monitor your website to check out your latest pieces. 10/10. Highly Satisfied!

Thank you so, so much! The didge is already bringing me so much joy!

Wishing you continued success in all your endeavors,


It’s now about a month since I got my didge from you. I just want to say how wonderful it is to purchase something that exceeds all expectations. This is truly an amazing instrument! Every time I play it, I discover new tonal variations. It is so responsive that even the most subtle changes in my playing produces another layer of expression. I doubt that I will ever find the limits of this wonderful stalk! That being said, I’m sure another creation from Desert Mountain Didgeridoos will soon find it’s way into my collection. They are way too much fun to own only one! Thanks so much! Tony, Pagosa Springs, CO

Working with Kyle at Desert Mountain Didgeridoos has been an absolute pleasure!  He is a true craftsman, in every sense possible, and his extremely friendly, thorough and punctual communications have made the entire experience of shopping at Desert Mountain Didgeridoos a dream come true.  I can’t possibly summarize the sheer beauty of my breathtaking 74″ Agave Didge in B – what I can say is that to me it’s a priceless work of art which my family and I will always cherish. I’m deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to buy a didge from Kyle and it’s a genuine honor to own one of his timeless masterpieces! Ivo, Minneapolis, MN

The pictures on your website don’t do your work justice Kyle! It is an incredible addition to my home in so many ways–it is a work of art whether you are using it creatively as an instrument, or as a decoration. The quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail paid in creating the didgeridoo is immediately obvious. The varied-wood mouthpiece is seamlessly placed on the end of the instrument, and is easeful and comfortable to play on. The natural grain of the agave really pops out, and seriously adds character to both the instrument and the room it is placed in! In addition to the actual instrument you’re buying, the customer service is excellent. I called Kyle and he answered all my questions, and was able to narrow my selection of 3 or so didges down to one. All in all an excellent experience dealing with Kyle and Desert Mountain Didges, not sure how it could have been better. Cheers, thanks again!

Kyle, this is the most amazing Didgeridoo I have ever played. It plays quiet, it plays loud, and the back pressure is perfect. The first day I had it, I was able to play at a higher level than I ever have, and I play a lot. Voice and trumpets are crisp and clean. Thank you! Chris, Moab, UT

I just received my sweet little didge and she is INCREDIBLE! I love it! Your craftsmanship is so beautiful from choosing the “wood”, to crafting the mouthpiece and the flawless varnish. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous but so light and easy to play! I love the tone…even with my beginner skills! I can see the potential that we have together. Thank you for all the care you took in wrapping Little Didge and for shipping so quickly. I am so excited to learn this incredible earthy instrument. Please know that you have a VERY happy customer! With so much thanks! Anne-Marie, North Bend, WA

Yes! The didge arrived safe and “sound”. This is #11 of my didge collection (including 2 homemade PVC) and it is immediately apparent that this is my one and only FAV …and will always be my favorite! I am dumbstruck by how light it is, and of course, beautiful beyond words. When it is not being played, I will be displaying it proudly in my living room to enjoy even at rest. The fact that it is completely finished on the inside is ideal for me because I like to keep my didge clean. For its size, it does have great back pressure and plays quite easily. The sounds, tones, toots, and range I get from it are everything I wanted – everything. (My partner – she loves it too.) I wholeheartedly agree with other customers of your didges… Wow! Just Wow! Another truly satisfied customer. Stephen, Olympia, WA

Hey Kyle, I got my didgeridoo today and all I can say is wow! The pictures don’t do it justice and it blows my eucalyptus Didge out of the water! Everything sounds amazing out of it and circular breathing is even easier! It’s like it wants to be played! Thanks for such an amazing instrument! I don’t think I’ll go anywhere else for another didgeridoo! Derek, Colorado Springs, CO

Just wanted to leave a little feedback on my recent purchase of a very fine D# agave didgeridoo (#125). Just visually it is a piece of art standing on its own, with such a unique shape and turquoise embedded throughout. You are a true craftsman and artist. The fundamental tone is most harmonic with my own inner vibration, and it is very easy to play and sensitive to mouth, tongue and breath manipulation. I love how it is so responsive to rhythms, from a wobble to ambient and meditative. The sound is brilliant and clear and the large bell amplifies the unique beehive chamber just before it. Summary: I love it and it will remain a favorite.

Thanks for the quick and well protected shipping. I received the didj this afternoon in perfect condition. It is everything and more as you described. Beautiful craftsmanship, spectacular visuals and best of all, one of the most powerful didjs I have ever played or heard. I only played it for about an hour, and I am continuing to forge a relationship with this instrument. Big bore bass is Goldilocks just right, powerful but not overpowering the fundamental key which dances within the drone. I love it and will give you more details at a later date. Thanks again for offering this instrument to me – it is exactly what I wanted. Gordon, Oceanside, CA

I have been playing with the new didge since I got it and It is so sweet I can’t stop playing it . It is Awesome and I don’t use that word lightly . Let me start with how it looks, well you could hang it on the wall and look at it as the finish and inlaid turquoise set it off so that whatever angle you look at it you see something different and each one is unique. It’s so east to play and as far as circular breathing goes it feels like it wants to play on its own, I am fairly new to playing and compared to my termite eaten eucalyptus I just don’t run out of air . To compare the two I would say it’s fast ! I ride motorcycles and it’s like getting off a Harley cruiser and jumping on a fast Jap sports bike , feels like it could be made of carbon fibre it weighs so little – it can be played fast or slow but it encourages you to up the tempo and crank some volume out . when you stop playing the back pressure can be felt with the hot air pushing back on your face from the mouth piece . I like it a lot! it’s my Race didge! I can see it’s going to get a lot of use! Thanks for taking the time to listen to what I thought I wanted and building me an Awesome didge , I am sure I will be in contact with you again when I want another didge. Brian, Poole, UK

Duuuuude! The didge came today and all I can say is WOW. Absolutely in love with it and the way it plays. And the sound is unbelievable. Thank you so much man! James, Acton, MA

I have been buying didgeridoos for several years now from many different vendors. I cannot say enough about the pure joy Kyle’s craftsmanship has brought to my journey playing the instrument. Let’s be honest. Buying an “expensive” didge is a risk and gamble over the internet. I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised, and taken back with the detail and sound quality Kyle forges into his instruments. I am proud of the many compliments I receive while playing his didgeridoos. “Beautiful” is a word that I hear often and I’m here to testify they are just that. These days, the business is looking to make a quick dollar and you will be hard pressed to find anyone that does work for the love of it anymore. Kyle’s down to earth approach to this, is enhanced with an old fashioned work ethic that answers this concern. His genuine passion and love for the didgeridoo reflects in His knowledge of how the instrument should sound as he shapes it with a master’s touch. From the novice, to the most advanced player, there is something here for everyone to experience, discover, and most of all enjoy. In the end, you can be confident that your purchase from Desert Mountain Didgeridoos will exceed the most critical expectations. Kyle’s sticks are my weapon of choice when sound quality matters and I need to count on a distinguished look that is consistent and dependable. I have no doubt that you will feel the same – and like me, you will be saving your dollars for the next one for your personal collection. Thanks for everything Kyle. Todd, Ooltewah, TN

I am so motivated to tell every Didge Player, whether beginner or advanced, of my experience with the very excellent Didges that are coming out of Desert Mountain Didgeridoo! The tone, resonance, playability, workmanship, beauty, light weight, & value are fantastic! I just ordered my 3rd Didge from Kyle and couldn’t be happier. This is the “Didge Candy Store”. I have a “top of the line” Aboriginal Eucalyptus Didge from Australia that I dearly appreciate, but I play one of Kyle’s Agave Didges 85% of the time. What more can I say here except check it out for yourself!
Thanks to you Kyle! Gary Little Rock, AR

Kyle!!!! This thing is so fucking amazing I am so blown away! Thank you so much man! Dean, Bozeman, MT

Hey Kyle, The didge arrived today and I must say the spirit of this agave just fills the room with it’s resonance. Looks and sounds beautiful and it is more than what I anticipated. Thank you so much for your service and appreciate the packaging for the long journey. All the best mate! Ari, New South Whales, Australia

Kyle…I got home last night and the Didge was here. I opened it and it has quite the “WOW” factor! It is a very impressive instrument! I can see it is apparent the high quality and careful craftsmanship that went into it. You make a super nice Didge! I played it and it sounded awesome! Even a rookie like myself was able to get a clear drone. It’s resonance and growl are fantastic. Thank you very much for suggesting this one…I really love it already and I only just got it. I can’t wait to be able to play better.
Thanks again Kyle, your patience and assistance in getting it here were very helpful. Great Customer service! Take care. Larry, Calgary, Canada

I’m just now getting acquainted with the new, beautifully crafted didge and am very, very pleased with it. As a beginner, I find it remarkably easy to get a good, solid drone with nice overtones and I notice a smooth, mellow quality about the sound that especially appeals to me. The curved shape and lovely finish of the agave are wonderful too! I very much appreciate your help with choosing this particular didge — It suits me perfectly and I’m sure I will be enjoying the it for a long time to come. Thanks too for your careful attention to packing and the fast delivery time! Charles, Dallas,TX

I’m blown away and speechless. One word: Art. As great as your web site is, the picture did not do this didge justice. It is awesome to just look at. The finish is amazing. And it’s bigger (in a good way) than I expected, especially that nice bell. All of the character in the wood – the cracks and grain – priceless. It looks like it has stories to tell….I couldn’t be happier. Tim, Roseville, MN

Just wanted to let you know that I’m having a “BLAST” with that Didje I purchased from you. It is so beautiful and the sound just keeps getting better and better… I am in trouble now…what am I going to do with my Australian and other Didjes?..: ) Looks like they will be collecting dust. Chris, Plantation,FL

I’m fortunate enough to have had the pleasure of meeting Kyle in person and to have sampled most of his current inventory of astounding didges. All of them were unique instruments with a wonderful sound and all were crafted to perfection. I honestly could not choose the best one and so I had to buy two! And I would have bought more if I had more money; heck, I wanted them all! I don’t think you could make a bad choice on any of Kyle’s didges. It’s obvious that Kyle invests much of himself in creating his instruments and he cares deeply that they find a good home and that their owners are pleased. I have several aboriginal didges, including some by Djalu himself, and Kyle’s agave didges can proudly stand out among instruments crafted by the masters. Brian, Missoula, MT

Hey kyle, thanks again for the quick delivery to Georgia. It arrived Monday morning. I would’ve responded sooner but i couldn’t stop playing… The new didge is awesome, it takes me to another place every time. The mouth piece is perfect. You really are creating excellent quality instruments. And the picture you sent is really cool as well. Till next time, take care and safe journeys. Peace. Travis, Jasper,GA

I received my didge last night, and it is amazing! It is so beautiful and sounds awesome. I cannot stop playing it! I could not be happier with it. Thank you so much for everything, and I am sure I will be purchasing more didgeridoos from you in the future. Thanks again. Rachel, Oklahoma City, OK

Hey Kyle! The didge just got here about an hour ago, and the only reason I didn’t email you immediately is because I was having way too much fun playing it! It looks and sounds so absolutely amazing! And I couldn’t believe how lightweight it is! My eucalyptus didge is tiny, about half the size, and weighs WAY more! The turquoise inlay is such a great touch, I cant say enough good things about it! It takes so little air, is so quick, and the toots and overtones come so easily! Thank you so much, I will certainly be buying more didges from you in the future! Taylor,Haliburton,Ontario

I want to let you know that the agave didg. I bought from you is my favorite of the ones that I have. I play each of them every day. I always gravitate back to the agave since it clearly has the finest tone and resonance. I particularly like the big bell volume I can get from it. Dave, Wasilla, AK

I got the didge today man, it is so sick it’s unreal. Thank you so much for all your time and help finding this!! This thing is amazing I love it like a child! Thanks again man! Peace. Lan, Bozeman, MT

I have some really easy, strong players but this one you just sent me plays better and easier than any of the ones I have! LOVE IT! THANK YOU! Kenny, Sherman Oaks, CA

Bro… this didge is monstrous. I love this thing! they or at least this one doesn’t need much air at all… I learned that quickly. It is so resonant! What a blast… the mouthpiece is sick… termite hole fills… sick… the color of the agave… beautiful. My first Real Didge. Rendawg, Miami, Fl

Just got the didgeridoo and it is phenomenal. It sounds awesome and looks fantastic. It is easier to play than my previous bamboo didge and takes less air. Thanks again for all your help and I’ll let ya know when I plan to add another to my collection. Curtis, College Station, TX

Just bought this(#48) from Kyle! Wow what a work of Art! Thanks Kyle for all your hard work on the didge. The Tone is very Deep and made very well. I recommend everyone buy a Didge from Kyle. I will be buying more that is for sure. Chris, Littleton, CO

The didj arrived this morning in great shape….AMAZING! already got the circular breath going…..really love it thanks! Derek, Boston, MA

Hi Kyle, The didgeridoo # 52 arrived in good shape today. Thanks again for the break on shipping to Alaska. I love the awesome look and feel of this one, it’s got extraordinary character. (didge #41) I was totally blown away by the precise clarity. Then when I was pushing it to see the range it has is awesome, but then I pushed it harder or something because it like went into this overdrive with an explosive resonance. Thanks for the great Didgeridoo I am very happy with it. Clyde, Anchorage, AK