Sold Didges

Didgeridoo #217

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  • Key: F
  • Length: 61″
  • Bell: 6″
  • Mouthpiece: Bubinga
  • Back pressure: Strong
  • Wall thickness: Medium

I built this one for speed and percussive style of playing. One great thing about fusions is that you create a piece that would be hard to replicate in nature. For the top half I found  a really nice smaller agave stalk that would have been to small for a didge on its own but matched perfectly with a the bottom half which is a really nice old portion with tons of bug activity throughout. The two fit perfectly together joined by both cherry and maple pieces and create such an explosive and responsive didge. This one takes hardly any breath because of its shape and would be great for those that are performing and also looking to play in a faster more beat oriented style and overtones. As with all didges it also is so responsive to an ambient style. Been having a blast playing this one!





Sold, Thanks again Adam! in San Diego, CA

Didgeridoo #218

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  • Key: B
  • Length: 77″
  • Bell: 5.5″
  • Mouthpiece: Zebra, Spalted Sycamore
  • Back pressure: Very strong
  • Wall thickness: Thin

Calling all sound healers and those using didgeridoo for more meditative purposes.  At 6.5 ft this didge packs a real punch. It registered in B at 432hz which is one of the most popular tunings for sound healers. B is the crown chakra and this one can take you to an other worldly place. Such an amazing key and if you haven’t tried one of these really deep notes you are in for a treat. At such a great length and long narrow neck this one takes so little breath and is so responsive. Easy overtones, amazing traveling vocals, and nice bass in the drone make this one a special didgeridoo. Playing in an ambient, meditative style has become more important to me now. Maybe it is reaching 40 where I just appreciate where it takes me and is so soothing to the soul. It becomes almost like a natural synth. I have my eye on this one and if its on here at the end of March it might be joining my  collection. A really special didge!



Sold, Thanks again Diana! in Bemidji, MN

Didgeridoo #219

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  • Key: C
  • Length: 72″
  • Bell: 9″
  • Mouthpiece: Canary, Cherry
  • Back pressure: Strong
  • Wall thickness: Medium

At 6 ft with a 9 inch bell this is one monster didge!  Agave wood is so amazing in that even at this size it probably only weighs about 4 lbs. This has SO much volume and power it is hard to describe in words. It plays with such ease and punch with amazing response to every little manipulation in sound. Playing a didge with this much size and power is quite an experience. You can feel the whole didge shaking when playing it and the sound fills a room with its balanced and beautifully bassy drone. Vocals explode out the bell and chanting with it takes you to another meditative place instantly. With its shape it is able to play with such speed with ease as well. This registered in at perfect C at 440 for those playing in bands where tuning is important. This didge will take you to another level and create so many new sonic journeys!


Sold, Thanks again Gordon! in Oceanside, CA

Didgeridoo #215

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  • Key: B
  • Length: 68″
  • Bell: 5″
  • Mouthpiece: Canary, Padauk, Walnut
  • Wall thickness: Very thick
  • Back pressure: Very strong




Sold, Thanks Kieran! in Tucson, AZ

Didgeridoo #207

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This is a strong, thick old soul didge.  Nice dense wood with a beautiful curve that sits perfectly as you play. I always love working these thick bigger bore didges. This one has good bass to it and nice strong vocals and overtones mixed with the strong drone. When I was crafting the mouthpiece I wanted to mimic the colors of the desert and love the way it came out. Also have a nice inlaid turquoise at the base. If you are looking for a bigger bore didge, some of my favorites, this could be a great fit.



Sold, thanks Laura! In Austin, TX

Didgeridoo #206

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I love the shape and taper on this one. With that great big bell and taper it has some extremely explosive qualities. I just finished this one so playing it for the recording was when I realized how quick it can play, The overtones are really easy as well with its taper and the vocals explode out of the bell. I love the look of the mouthpiece on this one. It has a little smaller opening at a little over 1 1/8″ for those that prefer that size. C is the root chakra and the only crystal bowl I have is in this key. I feel that grounding notes are so important especially in this time were we have so much mental stimulation.


Sold, Thanks Ian! in Vernon Rockville, CT

Didgeridoo #202

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This beauty has so much volume and response to it. D has always been a very popular note and always one of my favorites. I remember when I was in a slump playing and a D got me out of my funk. With its thin walls and big bell it projects well and takes hardly any breath to get moving. Great response to any small manipulation and the overtones are also easy to find. This one would be great for performance or playing in drum circles to be heard and with how easy it plays is great for beginner to the most advanced.


Sold, thanks again Adam! in San Diego, CA

Didgeridoo #205

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I have played this one more than any on the site at the moment. It has such a great feel to it and is a rhythm machine. It has a nice clear drone and the response is superb. Really great vocal abilities and the overtones are so easy on this one.  C# has always been one of my favorite keys, maybe why I have played this one so much. This one just keeps calling you back and opens up more each time I play it. This would be great for a player that likes to do percussive style playing mixing in the overtones and is really great for quick rhythms. Also is great at  playing in a more  ambient style of playing. This would be great for a beginner to grow as a player quickly with its unbelievable responsiveness and ease of play. The most advanced will have a blast playing this one and be able to really make it sing.

Sold, thanks David! in Powhatan, VA

Didgeridoo #208

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I love the long thinner neck on this one and it plays with such power and ease. I have been enjoying these tapers a lot for their quick rhythmic abilities and overtones. The drone on this is really crisp and powerful and has a ton of  vocals. The thin walls make for bright vocals and back pressure is perfectly strong. I love the fire of the mouthpiece on this one and it matches the sound and playability of it. Also as with almost all of my didges this has lots of turquoise inlaid throughout you can’t see in the photos. One of the tops on the site and look forward to see where this one winds up.


Sold, thanks Chris! in Annandale, VA