Didgeridoo #275

  • Key: C
  • Length: 67″
  • Bell: 5″
  • Mouthpiece: Black Walnut, Padauk
  • Wall thickness: Very thick
  • Back pressure: Very strong

On a recent camping trip I found this amazing stalk. I was on a trail pretty far back in and found an amazing stand of agaves. I could only carry one out and this is the one that caught my eye immediately.¬† I am blown away by this stalk as it is probably the densest¬† agave I have ever found in the 19 years making them. When you pick this one up you just feel the power it has. The strong drone is so rich and the vocals and overtones so clear and precise. It plays with such ease and needs hardly any breath with its strong back pressure. I already have 3 C’s in my collection or this would be in there and might end up in my collection if I get to play it enough. From the moment I played it I didn’t want to put it down and kept coming back to it. I wanted to also give a brief history about the mouthpiece. Knowing this was a special didge I wanted to use the black walnut my uncle recently sent me. It is from the Walnut tree that grew on our family farm in Kansas. My great grandfather had it cut down and was air dried in the barn. This was over 60 years ago and the wood seems to just sing when you knock on it. I felt the character and age of the wood seemed fitting to be part of this Old Soul didge. A truly unique, special, and rare agave didge!!



Sold, Thanks again Paul! in Boise, ID

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