Didgeridoo #279

  • Key: E
  • Length: 55″
  • Bell: 5″
  • Mouthpiece: Bubinga
  • Wall thickness: Thin
  • Back pressure: Strong

Amongst all these thick gnarly Old Soul agaves I found on my trip I found this sweet little gem. Stalks like these were made to play fast and have an extra gear with the thin walls and thinner neck and tapering to a 5″ bell.  With the thin walls this one has a ton of volume and really loud and clear vocals. Also the shape of this stalk lends it well to overtones and percussive style of play. E is becoming more and more a favorite of mine and I have picked this one up quite a bit while making it as it is so explosive and fun to play. If you like to play quick rhythms and percussive styles this would be such a great fit while at the same time also excelling in an ambient style of play. A little powerhouse!



Sold, thanks Steve! in San Diego, CA

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