Sold Didges

Didgeridoo #157

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  • Key: G#
  • Length: 77″
  • Bell: 7″
  • Mouthpiece: Padauk, Walnut, Spalted Sycamore: 1.25″
  • Backpressure: Insanely Strong
  • Wall Thickness: Very Thick




Sold, Thank you Landon! in Colorado Springs, CO

Didgeridoo #162

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  • Key: D#
  • Length: 60″
  • Bell: 7″
  • Mouthpiece: Cherry, Shedua-1.25″
  • Backpressure: Strong
  • Wall Thickness: Medium






Sold, Thanks again Johhny! in Albuquerque, NM

Didgeridoo #161

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  • Key: E
  • Length: 55″
  • Bell: 6.5″
  • Mouthpiece: Cherry, Oak- 1.25″
  • Backpressure: Very Strong
  • Wood thickness: Medium







Sold, Thanks again Johnny! in Albuquerque, NM

Didgeridoo #153

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A# is one of the most mesmerizing notes I have every played. This is one that I have played quite a bit as the rich deep drone is  just  so calming. There is almost a singing bowl overtone to this drone when you push it just right and the vocals are so clear and loud with its thin walls. If you are into playing a meditative style and need to take a break from the rapid pace of our world these days, this one has a great reset button. Another added bonus is the wood is just beautiful with so many beautiful reds throughout. I love to keep the flower nubs when possible as this was the top of a very large stalk and adds so much character. This is a special didgeridoo that can take you to a deeper place with ease.








Sold, Thanks Benjamin! in Oakland, CA


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  • Key: E/F
  • Length: 62.5″
  • Bell: 7.75″
  • Mouthpiece: Spalted Sycamore, Padauk, Walnut
  • Backpressure: Medium
  • Wall Thickness: Thick to medium at bell
  • First and second overtones: F#, D
  • I Wanted to create a really unique mouthpiece to fit this gnarly stalk. This impressive agave has some really thick dense wood. As you can tell from the photos there were some scars left most likely from free range cattle in the area. I have seen a cow eat the tops off of these blooms right in front of me as if they were almost taunting me. This one however was tough enough to make it through and many times scars like this actually creates thicker denser wood. This would be a didge for a more advanced player with its higher note and it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it. It is an explosive didge with a ton of volume with that enormous bell. The long mouthpiece makes overtones really easy and this one has some real spirit in the way it vocalizes. Nice turquoise inlays throughout add nice contrast to to darks and lights of the stalk. A unique piece that can inspire the advanced player.








Sold, Thanks Bill! in Bozeman, MT



Didgeridoo #142

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  • Key: C#
  • Length: 65″
  • Bell: 5″
  • Mouthpiece: Zebrawood 1 1/8″
  • Wall Thickness: Thin
  • Back pressure: Strong
  • First and second overtones: F, C
  • Here is  another with a nice narrow neck that makes playing oh so easy. Wonderful vocals compliment its nice crisp drone. With its shape overtones come with ease and it has nice volume with the bell and thinner walls. Vocals also explode out this agave with the thinner walls. C# has always been one of my favorite notes and a great note to start on. Circular breathing with be a cinch on this one and this and #140 would be just great  for beginners.








Sold, Surprise gift!

Didgeridoo #118

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  • Key:E
  • Length: 60″
  • Bell: 8.25″
  • Mouthpiece: Walnut, Padauk, Satinwood, Beli, Leopard wood
  • Backpressure: Strong
  • Wall Thickness: Medium

If you are looking for an explosive big bell sound than look no further. With an 8.25″ bell and fast taper this one packs a major punch. It really projects sounds out of that big bell and has nice dense thicker wood which tapers to thinner wood at the bell for great  volume. Amazing vocals and quick rhythmic capabilities. The mouthpiece isn’t too bad either with lots of different tone woods and I have inlaid turquoise without. This one responds to every slight movement and it is pretty rare to find and E with such a big bell that tapers to such a small neck. This also allows for ease in transition from drone to toots. This one definitely will turn some heads.






Thanks for the art trade Matt! in Pittsburgh,PA

Didgeridoo #150

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  • Key: D#
  • Length: 56″
  • Bell: 7″
  • Mouthpiece: Walnut, Padauk, Spalted Sycamore
  • Wall Thickness: Thin
  • Backpressure: Strong
  • First and Second Overtones: G, D










Sold, surprise solstice gift!

Didgeridoo #140

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  • Key: D#
  • Length: 62″
  • Bell: 5.5″
  • Mouthpiece: Shedua- 1.25″
  • Wall Thickness: Thin
  • Back Pressure: Strong
  • First and second overtones: F, C#
  • I found this stalk my first week back in Tucson on a hike in the foothills nearby. I loved the shape of it and knew it would also have some amazing colors throughout. It has some dramatic features where the leaves were pulled off and with the old wood lots of bug holes that are filled with turquoise throughout. It plays with such ease with its narrow neck that tapers to a beautiful bell. The shape allow for easy overtones  an affinity for  speedy rhythms. It also plays beautifully in a slow ambient style with so many layers in the drone. I would highly recommend this for a beginner as it would be a great one to learn circular breathing and is so responsive to any manipulations be it voice, tongue, cheeks, etc.







Sold, Thanks Michael! In Hack, NJ




Didgeridoo #143

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  • Key: E
  • Length: 57″
  • Bell: 6″
  • Mouthpiece: Spalted Sycamore, Zebrawood- 1.25″
  • Wall Thickness: Thick to Medium
  • Back Pressure: Strong
  • First and second overtones: G, D#
  • This a gorgeous stalk with some beautiful colors complimented by some amazing woods in the mouthpiece. This is an explosive didgeridoo with tons of capabilities. Loves to play both fast and slow with a beautifully balanced drone. Very nice dense tone wood this thing just sings when you play it. The vocals are nice and clear with easy overtones as well. Nice back pressure for easy circular breathing. With its 6″ bell at this note and size it has some great volume to it.  Being explosive it also has a ton of depth to the drone that lends it self really well to ambient styles of play.











Sold, Thanks again Luke! in Fallbrook, CA