Sold Didges

Didgeridoo #266

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  • Key: C#
  • Length: 72″
  • Bell: 8″
  • Mouthpiece: Sapele, Satinwood, Zebrawood
  • Back pressure: Strong
  • Wall thickness: Thick to thin at bell

I have been waiting to work on this stalk for a very long time. This extremely old stalk has such an incredible shape, bell, and the wood so much resonance. Talk about a monster didge. I can reach my whole arm into the stalk and flap my hand around. This chamber has so much bass and such a soothing tone to it. It is an absolute rhythmic machine. It has just the right amount of back pressure that I like to play in a both rhythmic and ambient style. As you can imagine the volume on this is tremendous and the vocals sound like they are amplified. If you are a performer or busk this would be amazing to draw attention and be heard. C# was the first note that I really fell in love with and is still one of my favorite keys. It has such a grounding feel to it and is connected to the Om or root chakra. I love how this grounds me when I play it and this would be great for every style of playing from sound healing to beat boxing styles. A truly remarkable instrument.





Sold, Thanks as always Jeff! in New Rochelle, NY

Didgeridoo #258

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  • Key: F#/F
  • Length: 49″
  • Bell: 4.5″
  • Mouthpiece: Bubinga, Walnut
  • Wall thickness: Medium
  • Back pressure: Strong

We all need a little bit of heart chakra healing these days. I recently played at a Reiki circle and F was by far their favorite key. I have always loved F and F# and this one falls right in the middle. It plays with such amazing speed and has tremendous ambient capabilities. The overtones come so easy with the shape and wall thickness. The taper on this allows for some amazing response and would be great to play with drums as well as well other instruments as it will really stand out. While sanding this one I really loved all the coloration in the grain. One of the reasons I love the older stalks and the turquoise inlays really add a nice touch to the overall beauty of the stalk. If you are looking for some new inspiration in a higher key this would be a great addition!!




Sold, Thanks Robert! in Lancaster, England!

Didgeridoo #264

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  • Key: A
  • Length: 78″
  • Bell: 5.25″
  • Mouthpiece: Bubinga, Purpleheart
  • Back pressure: Very strong
  • Wall thickness: Medium

A is for Amazing! This is only the third A I have ever made over the past 19 years of making agave didges. The other one is in my collection and my cousin grabbed the other before it even made it on the site. A is one of the hardest notes to find and for good reason as they are difficult to make and require a great amount of length. This stalk just sings when it plays. Another one of the monster didges I promised would be coming this is huge at 6 and a half feet in length with a really big bore which creates an incredibly rich bass filled drone. You can feel the whole didge instantly shake when you play it as the wood has tremendous resonate properties with perfect thickness for a big bore didge with this kind of length. Words and sound clips can’t really describe how special this didge is until you actually play it. There is an instant feeling of relaxation when you hear it. This would be incredible for sound healers and people that love to play in a meditative ambient style. It also has great rhythmic abilities with its open bore and is so cool to hear such a deep instrument play with such pace. The vocals are crystal clear and travel so well up and down the length and the overtones so easy and soothing. The first overtone is in C and the second back in A which could be great for those that use didges with looping machines. I am so excited to see where this special Amazing didge ends up!




Sold, Thanks Eric! in Minneapolis, MN

Didgeridoo #246

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  • Key: D#
  • Length: 60″
  • Bell: 5.75″
  • Mouthpiece: Shedua
  • Wall thickness: Medium
  • Back pressure: Strong

I had one customer compare his agave in E to a racing motorcycle. It seems these higher pitched fast tapered didges are just made to be played fast and have an extra gear that a lot of didges don’t have.  This would be a great instrument to accompany drums as its drone will cut right through and can be played in such a quick rhythmic style with ease. E is such an important chakra being our solar plexus where our second intuitive brain resides. I also love its vocal and overtone ability with the thinner neck and fast taper to the big bell. Also can play great in a more ambient style and can be a singer as well. This was a really old stalk that had a ton of bug holes throughout. In these bug holes there are over 30 turquoise inlays which add so much to the beautiful coloration in the wood. Such a fun didge to play especially for those who like to play in a more rhythmic style!





Sold, Thanks again Joshua! in Honolulu,HI

Didgeridoo #261

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  • Key: B
  • Length: 68″
  • Bell: 3.75″
  • Mouthpiece: Padauk, Canary
  • Back pressure: Very strong
  • Wall thickness: Thick

I love this didge! I collected this on my last day of harvesting this spring. The skin on it had such  beautiful red tones that were highlighted by the rare spring rain. I chose a beautiful piece of Padauk for the mouthpiece to reflect the color it once had. This is an ancient agave that must have survived three years through all the heat and rain and cold. I love working on these for all the character they have. You will find turquoise inlaid throughout the numerous bug holes and  the sealed cracks show the wisdom and harshness of time in the desert. This one is so powerful and has something about it that just mesmerizes from the start. Such nice bass tones and vocal abilities. The overtones are a piece of cake with its thick walls and bore. If you are using didges for meditation and sound healing this is perfect. It registered in B at 432 here which can fluctuate with temp and humidity but will always be close to that tuning. It is a tuning that a lot of sound healers use and has such a great feel to it. B has always been a note that has really resonated with me and love how it calms the system. So excited to see where this one ends up!


Sold, thanks Tony! in Pagosa Springs, CO

Didgeridoo #262

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  • Key: C/C#
  • Length: 67″
  • Bell: 6″
  • Mouthpiece: Bubinga
  • Back pressure: very strong
  • Wall thickness: Medium

If you are ready to begin your journey playing didgeridoo but not sure where to start this is the one for you! This one plays with such ease and has such a great feel to it. The back pressure is strong with its taper and  takes very little breath to get the drone going. The drone is so nicely balanced and has really good volume with that 6″ bell it tapers to. This one registered in at both C near the 440hz and C# near the 432hz. I don’t really focus on tuning as much but more on feel and this one has such a nice vibe to it. The shape of this one also allows for easy overtones and the vocals are also tremendous. For the advanced player this one will be electric as it is so responsive and has the ability for great speed and also ambient style of playing. A perfect didge for the beginner to most advanced player!




Sold, Thanks Alireza! in Los Angeles, CA

Didgeridoo #263

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  • Key: F
  • Length: 44″
  • Bell: 3.25″
  • Mouthpiece: Sapele, Walnut, Padauk
  • Back pressure: Medium
  • Wall thickness: Very thick


I love working on these extremely old thick agaves. This one has a huge turquoise inlay where a Gila woodpecker must have found an afternoon meal. One of the reasons I love these old stalks so much is you see the evidence of birds, insects, and the extreme desert climate and you think of the stalks story. I have really been into these smaller didges lately as I love these higher pitches and F has always been one of my favorite notes. This one would be best for someone who has a bit more experience playing as the higher pitches require a bit more control. I love these open bore didges for my style of play which is combination of ambient and rhythmic. This bore size really excels at both styles and has a nice amount of bass added into the drone and a bass drum hidden within too!  Really nice volume  and solid overtones and great vocal ability. This could be a great didge for sound healing or in situations where the player has to move with the didge with its size. At the reiki circle I have played at a few times F has always been the most popular note and always makes me feel great to play too. An awesome little didge!!




Sold, Thanks Andy! in Lancaster, Lancshire, England

Didgeridoo #252

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I was so excited to start working on this one. The shape, bell, thickness of wood, and resonance are just tremendous. I love these Old Souls and this one definitely has some stories to tell. It is a rhythm machine and is so responsive to the player. It plays with ease and power and inspires so many new ideas. This would be so great to accompany other instruments with its volume and also it would be a great performance didge. I love the coloration throughout and in person you will see so many more pigments and the pics don’t do it justice . Along with this,  the mouthpiece and turquoise inlays throughout add so much beauty to the stalk. With the ease of playability, power, and beauty of this stalk it is sure to inspire new rhythms and sounds!



Sold, thanks Bruce! in Boulder, CO

Didgeridoo #259

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  • Key: D#
  • Length: 60″
  • Bell” 5.5″
  • Mouthpiece: Shedua
  • Wall thickness: Thin
  • Back pressure: Very strong

If you are just starting out on didge this one would be perfect! I designed this one for really strong back pressure with its narrow bore to its flared bell. The thin walls and shape of this one allows the player to learn circular breathing much easier. This one takes so little breath to get the drone going. The smaller bore also allows for really easy overtones and has awesome clear vocals. If you are an advanced player this one will be so incredible with all the capabilities it has. It can play with such speed and response and has a great presence for ambient meditative style of play. A tremendous didge ready to assist in learning for the beginning player or reaching another level for the advanced!




Sold, Thanks Paul! in Boise, ID

Didgeridoo #234

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These giant agaves are such a challenge to make but so worth it. They play with incredible response and for the serious player these can take you to a place you may have not yet visited playing the instrument . The small amount of air necessary to play these is astounding. So much back pressure allows the player to really relax and focus on all the sounds you can create. B is one of the most soothing notes and would be great for those playing for meditation and also would be great for sound healing with the extreme resonation these have. You can feel this one shake as well as the walls of the room you are playing in. The overtones are crystal clear and especially with the thick wood on this agave have such a soothing quality to them. Vocals will blow your mind on this one as you can travel the 6 plus feet of didge creating amazing sound landscapes. This one that has so much power and can really help both the player and listener reach different worlds. Not only is it impressive in sound it is amazing to play a flower this large and the visuals alone capture the imagination of the player.

Sold, Thanks Ivo!  in Minneapolis, MN