Didgeridoo #378

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This is light as a feather and more powerful than you can imagine. I was blown away by how   incredibly responsive and easy this one is to play. The drone is so sweet  and soothing. It has amazing rhythmic and percussive capabilities with its longer neck that tapers to the beautiful flared bell. This is perfect for beginners to really explore all the possibilities you can create with the instrument and perfect for every level to expand your playing and create new sounds and rhythms. If you are learning circular breathing here is a great teacher. If you are a master at it this will practically play itself.  The overtones are so easy and just sing with the drone and so easy to transition to. Vocals are strong and this one also has tremendous volume. This is a special didge that will inspire so much and would be great for every level and any style of play. Would be a great performance didge! A powerful gem that will bring you so much inspiration!

Sold, thanks again Letty and Owen! in APO, AE