Sold Didges

Didgeridoo #368

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Some agaves just have a shape that feels magical and this is one of them. It is hard to tell you how amazing this one is until you see its form in person. When you play it, you will see how magical it is. as well. Incredible response and plays with amazing speed and in an ambient style is so powerful. I love F and has always been one of my favorite keys. Always one that we need to nourish the heart. Such an easy didge to play and has an incredibly soothing tone with easy transitions to overtones and vocals are so crystal clear. Perfect for every style player and such a unique and beautiful form!


Sold, thanks again Dee! in Phoenix, AZ

Didgeridoo #378

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This is light as a feather and more powerful than you can imagine. I was blown away by how   incredibly responsive and easy this one is to play. The drone is so sweet  and soothing. It has amazing rhythmic and percussive capabilities with its longer neck that tapers to the beautiful flared bell. This is perfect for beginners to really explore all the possibilities you can create with the instrument and perfect for every level to expand your playing and create new sounds and rhythms. If you are learning circular breathing here is a great teacher. If you are a master at it this will practically play itself.  The overtones are so easy and just sing with the drone and so easy to transition to. Vocals are strong and this one also has tremendous volume. This is a special didge that will inspire so much and would be great for every level and any style of play. Would be a great performance didge! A powerful gem that will bring you so much inspiration!

Sold, thanks again Letty and Owen! in APO, AE

Didgeridoo #379

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If I were to design my perfect didge this agave plant may have just read my mind somehow! I have made around 600 didges in 21 years and this is in the top 10. I almost don’t know how to write about it as it just kind of blows me away. As you can see from the weight this is one is thick and has such dense resonant wood. It has a perfect taper to create such explosive abilities and tremendous volume. C# also happens to be one of my favorite keys on top of it. The drone is just so powerful and crisp with amazing bass tones. The vocals are so clear and can really project out of the thick bell. The overtones are bright and so easy to transition to from the drone. This one can play anything you want it to and feels like it is collaborating with you while playing inspiring new ideas on the fly. This is a very rare agave as I don’t see many with this shape and density. I could go on and on but just kind of in awe of it really. If this thing is here much longer it is going to my personal collection. If it goes somewhere else it will give a lifetime of joy every time you pick it up.

Sold, thanks again Letty and Owen! in APO, AE

Didgeridoo #377

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An Old Soul that Instantly soothes your soul as you feel the deep resonance and bass tones. This thick agave has so much character to its drone and so much vocal and harmonic capabilities that accent this deep tone. This one requires such a little amount of air and has tremendous back pressure for quick response and easy rhythms. This would be great for meditative style of play and sound healing. So easy to create ambient landscapes with all the sounds it can respond to. Ready to help calm you in these stressful times!

Sold, thanks again Colten! In Colorado Springs, CO

Didgeridoo #371

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Another thicker Old Soul agave I found in this new area I have been exploring. I just love how these sound and two of may favorites in my collection look and play very similar to this one. This one really had an instant calming effect and registered in E at 432hz. Although that can fluctuate with temp and humidity this has such a healing feel to it. Incredible bass tones and so responsive to every slight variation. This would be such a great fit for sound healing and traveling but can play strong in any style as well as it can play with a ton of speed as well as excelling in ambient styles. Such a powerful didge!

Sold, thanks Jody! In Tonawanda, NY

Didgeridoo #367

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My amazing artist friend called this the wiggly worm, and that is so perfect! This is such a unique stalk with incredible curves. It is one of the most dense agaves I have harvested in 20 plus years now. I love how these thicker Old Souls play and this has so much response it kind of blows my mind. The bass tones mixed with the easy overtones  and strong vocals is incredible. This would be the perfect fit for every player as it has so much response and just plays in such an effortless way. I love D# for its uplifting feel and this one is one of a kind and this is a hard one to let go but can’t wait to see where it lands!

Sold, thanks John! in Tucson, AZ

Didgeridoo #373

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Another swiss army knife of a didge as this one is so easy to play in any style. I just love the mesmerizing bass filled drone this one has and takes so little breath to create it. The vocals and harmonics are so strong and responds to every slight manipulation. Overtones are very easy with this ones shape and thinner neck with such nice accents to the drone. This one is just such a solid didge and would be so great to start your journey with the instrument or be inspired by new sounds and rhythms that come so effortlessly with this one!


Sold, thanks Stacy! in Corona, CA

Didgeridoo #372

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This one may just keep playing after you stop as it just about plays itself! This is one of the easiest didges I have every played and would highly recommend to someone who has never picked up a didge to the most advanced players looking to expand on their possibilities. This one is almost a replica to one of my favorite didges. Its long neck and shape with the bell create amazing back pressure and takes so little breath you may start out overblowing it as less is more on this one. The vocals are incredible and this one has a ton of volume to let them out. The drone has such nice balance and such a soothing feel to it. This one is light as a feather so great for moving around with and sound healing. This plays so strong in every style and so responsive. If you like overtones you will love this one as they come so easy and so effortless transitioning. If you are looking to start out or take your playing to another level you are going to love this one, it’s electric!

Sold, thanks Doug! In Sierra Vista, AZ

Didgeridoo #369

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I can’t believe I have been making agave didges for 21 years now. In all these years they never cease to amaze me with the beauty of the wood and the quality of sound they can produce. I can honestly say I enjoy making them more today than when I started. I love when I find stalks like this one that has colors that are hard to believe are created by years living in the desert. I don’t know how it happens other than magic. A young agave stalk will only usually have whites with very little variation but these old ones can have so much variation and would put its beauty up against any wood in the world. This one plays even more beautifully than it looks. It is an absolute powerhouse that shakes my whole jam room and my soul when I play it. A# is such a mesmerizing key and one that has always been one of the most popular for good reason. This one would be amazing for those that love to experiment with ambient sounds. It is so responsive and found myself experimenting like I hadn’t done for a while and it gave me so many ideas. The drone is so rich and full of bass and so many complex tones.  The back pressure is so great and takes so little breath to create an incredible amount of volume.With its shape it can play so strong rhythmically and strong clear overtones.  It is hard to tell from the photos but there are also over 100 inlays as these big agaves attract so many birds, bees, and insects using it as home and to feed. This along with the colors throughout the stalk make this such a unique one of a kind piece of art! I am excited to see where it ends up!


Sold, thanks Simon! in Fairview, NC

Didgeridoo #334

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It is hard to put into words the power and ease of play of these monster agaves. This one is such an incredible stalk with nice dense thicker wood.You can’t really tell in the pics but there are a bunch of turquoise inlays throughout as it had a ton of insect and bird activity. I just love its shape and this one is an absolute power house. With its shape it lends itself to incredible rhythmic and percussive style of play but like most deeper key didges this one wants you to slow down and meditate and get lost in its amazing sonic capabilities. The drone is so well balanced with incredible bass tones. I love the vocals on these bigger didges as you can really travel them well up and down its length. The overtones are so clear and calming and feels like you are playing a crystal bowl when you hear them. With the very little amount of air needed you can really extend them for long durations. This would be such an amazing didge for those interested in exploring the deeper meditative keys!




Sold, thanks Justin! In Fairhaven, MA

Didgeridoo #362

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If you were to take a look at my personal collection of agaves you would see many that look just like this one. I thick walled and bigger bore stalk with old wood full of superficial cracks. This one reminds me so much of my favorite one in E. It is heavy for an agave and has some amazing curves and light wood grain from being baked in the Arizona sun for many years. This one came from a new area I found and just love how they are turning out. This one plays with such ease and has such a mesmerizing bass filled drone with the bigger bore. Incredible vocals and overtones and would be such a great didge for any skill level. D is one of the most versatile notes for playing with other musicians and is always a key I bring to any jam session. This would be such a great didge to travel with as well with its sturdy frame. A beautiful piece that has so many capabilities!


Sold, thanks Jude! in Vail, AZ

Didgeridoo #364

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When the world is getting a little overwhelming, as it has for so many of us lately, this didge will transport you to another world! This was just a monster agave that I found in my new honey hole. It was so massive that this is the middle of the flower as you can see where each flower branch once was. It is rare to find this big of an agave out in nature and not being fertilized and pampered in someones yard. When agaves get this big the flowers are usually incredibly thick and dense and this is a perfect example of that. This was likely a 30 foot flower which is kind of mind blowing when you think about it. This thick Old Soul has incredible resonance and has a mesmerizing bass filled deep drone that instantly calms the mind. I love these deep keys for slowing down and meditating and focusing on breathing. This takes so little breath and has such great bass and overtones that compliment the drone so beautifully.Vocals are strong and so fun to travel up and down the length of the didge. As you can see there is also such amazing contrast in pigments as some beautiful merlot colors near the bell of the stalk accented by many turquoise inlays. If you are ready for a deep key to play ambient mediative style rhythms and soundscapes this would be an amazing choice for you!


Sold, Thanks Clover! in Phoenix, AZ