Sold Didges

Didgeridoo #242

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This beautiful curvy Old Soul plays with such ease. This was an incredibly large stalk and so this was the middle part of the stalk. I have always loved the look of the flower nubs and like to leave them on to keep this unique appearance of the flower. This one has really thick walls which is most often the case with the extremely large stalks. This didge takes hardly any breath and makes circular breathing so easy. If you are having trouble getting the circular breathing down this will definitely aid in learning the process. I have always loved these curvy, thick Old Souls and this one has so many great qualities. The vocals really stand out on this one and really accent the nice bass tones of the drone. Very easy bright overtones also accent this deep drone beautifully. A nice solid didge that would be great for a player looking to play in a more ambient style but also want to speed up now and again.


Sold, Thanks Chris! in Shaker Heights, OH

Didgeridoo #241

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  • Key: B
  • Length: 77″
  • Bell: 9″
  • Mouthpiece: Bubinga, Walnut, Shedua, Canary
  • Wall thickness: Very thick to medium at bell
  • Back pressure: Very strong

This is one monster of a didge. I love the challenge of making these giant agaves and this one is just a beaut. I found this on quite a rugged mountainside and instantly knew it was a special stalk. This has really thick walls and the wood grain is so beautiful. The bell is enormous at 9″ and projects the drone so well. With agaves this large the drone has such an amazing feel to it and can instantly mesmerize both the player and listener. This one is amazing for meditative style of playing and with the crown chakra can really take all involved to another place. With its shape it also allows for some really fast rhythms as well even with its deep key. The vocals are so strong and with its long length it is so fun to travel the sounds up and down the didge. Such strong back pressure allows the player to completely relax and circular breathing is so easy with the little breath required as well. Nice crystal clear overtones are easy to reach as well. If you are a serious about didge playing this would be such a treat for you. I just think there is something special about this one!





Sold, Thanks Michael! in Rock Falls, IL

Didgeridoo #240

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  • Key: C#
  • Length: 55″
  • Bell: 3″
  • Mouthpiece: Sapele, Shedua
  • Wall thickness: Medium
  • Back pressure: Very strong


Not only is this a great travel size didge this one plays with such power and presence. This one has nice solid dense wood and has such a nice feel to it when playing. The drone has a beautiful overtone effect in it when you find it and creates such a magical sound. Tremendous vocals as well and the toots are so easy as well. Great for both ambient and fast style of play and so responsive for beat boxing styles as well. This one takes hardly any breath like almost all agaves and is a great note to start on and also one of my favorite keys. Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned player this would be a great didge that is sure to inspire many new sounds and rhythms.






Sold, Thanks Joshua! in San Ramon, CA

Didgeridoo #232

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I found this incredible old soul after I was heading back for the day and noticed it laying by  the side of the road. It  had fallen down a huge cliff, caught most likely in the recent crazy spring winds we have been experiencing. This is one of the oldest and thickest agaves that I have worked on. 95% of stalks wouldn’t make it to this stage. I am guessing the age at around 3-4 years baking in the desert sun, withstanding monsoons, and the cold we get on occasion in these higher desert areas. You can feel the age and wisdom in its drone right when you begin to play it. It is deep both in note and feeling. It has a delightfully calming drone with crystal clear overtones and vocals are so strong on this one. I have such a love for these ancient stalks and all the cracks and bug holes that give it so much character and style. There is some sweet turquoise inlays as well that accent these rugged features. In my traditional old soul style of making and in general I leave many of the cracks instead of filling them to be flush. Don’t worry as this stalk is a beast and none of the cracks will spread or go through. These are the strongest of all the agaves and so fun to play these ancient rare stalks. Great for the player who is using didge for more trance and meditative style of playing. Of course it can go as fast as you can play but this one tells the player to slow down and experience the calming vibrations.




Sold, thanks Rafe! in Seattle, WA

Didgeridoo #220

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This is one beast of a didge. This is one of the thickest, heaviest, most impressive  agaves I have worked on. The thick dense wood tapers to medium thickness in the unusually long bell that acts almost like a resonator.  This would be a great didge to reach other levels in playing and also would be great for a beginner. I love its response and the power it plays with. Lots of volume with the size and the vocals are extremely loud and clear. Overtones are bright and easy to reach once you find them in there. It is extremely rare to find agaves like this and might have to end up keeping it if it stays on here for a bit.



Sold, thanks Craig! in Tempe, AZ

Didgeridoo #212

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I have more C#’s than any other note in my collection. I have always loved the grounding feel you get playing and listening to the key. Noticing those feeling and what rhythms come to your mind with each note is so interesting. This one is a beast at 6′ in length and that big 7″ bell. It plays with an explosive ability with lots of volume and incredible response and resonation. With these longer didges I love how you can travel sounds down it to create such movement within the drone. Vocals are loud and clear and the overtones are a cinch with its length and taper. A great note to begin on and also one for those of you advanced players that want to add another to the collection!

Sold, thanks James! in Boulder, CO

Didgeridoo #226

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This sweet little didge has a ton of spunk to it and wants to be heard!  With its thin walls and bell it really projects volume nicely. Clear loud vocals sound great on it and the overtones are really easy with the thinner neck. These smaller, quick tapered didges are perfect for beginners as they just have such a great feel and play so effortlessly. I also loved the wood coloration especially at the bell. A great one to start on and advance quickly!



Sold, thanks Anne-Marie! in North Bend, WA

Didgeridoo #230

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This is quite a beautiful sounding and looking stalk. These deep notes are always so fun to chill out and play and calm down in this hectic world we have created. I loved the wood tones in this and felt that the mouthpiece needed some color as well so found some really nice purpleheart and canary woods that look so nice together. This takes hardly any breath and this didge has a ton of power. It has a really nice bass in the drone and the vocals are so crisp up against that deep drone. Overtones are not my strength but this one has some really easy to hit deep toots. I was also taken aback by how responsive this one is to ever little manipulation. While recording it I realized how easy this one is to play and travel sounds and play with a ton of speed and percussion as well. I didn’t want to stop the recording, haha!  A beauty for the eyes and ears!



Sold, Thanks Stephen! in Olympia, WA

Didgeridoo #228

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Another one of my new smaller didges that has a really nice solid drone and a ton of capabilities. This was a huge agave and this stalk has all the flower branches at each curve trimmed back for added flare. I love how this one plays. I have always enjoyed these smaller straight agaves for the  sweet drone they have and being closer the bell as a player is really nice as well. The overtones, vocals, and bass in the drone are all great on this one.  Another one perfect for travel and around the home and also with its volume it plays much bigger. A steal for this little powerhouse!








Sold, thanks Brittany! in Pooler, GA