Didgeridoo #375

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Fusion time again! After taking some time away from making them I have had more time to experiment and so happy to have created this unique didge! Kind of crazy to think at 6 feet that this is in D#. I combined two very resonant and different agaves as the top piece was a very small dense agave that tapers perfectly to the bell of this larger agave.  They seemed to be a perfect match as this is such an incredibly fun and versatile didge. This has so much volume and response and can play so strong in every style. I love playing it in an ambient style as it has such an ease to the drone and so many harmonics and bass tones. With this shape and longer bell is makes it almost sound like it has a built in amplifier. The vocals are so strong, the overtones insanely easy, and those that like to drop the drone the shape lends itself well for that style as well as well as a higher drone with ease. This one can do everything and might just break you out of a slump if you feel stuck in your playing as it is just a blast to play. Would be and incredible performance didge!


Sold, thanks again Mike! In Truckee, CA