Didgeridoo #380

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I remember when I found this stalk out on my harvest. Some just stand out in my mind as it is so exciting to find ones like this.  I just loved its shape and dense thicker wood. I love these Old Souls that have tons of bug holes and cracks that show their time in the harsh desert. This one definitely gained lots of wisdom from its time out there. This is such a calming didge to me and after playing it  I felt this real peace and seemed to slow me down. I noticed while playing a bear face formed from spots in the floor. I love how didge can make you see things differently and the visuals that come to you. The drone has such beautiful bass tones and the overtones and vocals are so strong and clear. I chose the mouthpiece to compliment the amazing coloration in the bell which are similar to bubinga and purpleheart. I love its rhythmic ability and it just can move with you. It loves to play in an ambient way as well with its healing drone. I can’t wait to see where this one ends up!

Sold, thanks again Mike! In Truckee, CA