Sold Didges

Didgeridoo #386

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I love this didge! It plays with so much soul and the drone has amazing bass tones and is just mesmerizing. The key of B has such a calming effect on player and listener and just feels so good to play. As you can see from the weight this is an extremely solid didge with thicker walls for an agave.  An extremely old stalk and with this time in the desert it developed such incredible character and coloration as you can see from the unique bell. This would be so great for sound healing and those wanting to play in a more meditative style but this one also can play with extreme speed and has incredible response and amazing harmonics and overtones. If you haven’t played these deeper notes you are in for a treat!







Sold, thanks Antony! In Los Angeles, CA

Didgeridoo #388

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For those who like a little smaller mouthpiece I made this one to be 1 1/8″ as opposed to the usual 1 1/4″  This one plays so easily and has some awesome rhythmic capabilities. It takes so little breath to get it going and has beautiful harmonics, vocals, and overtones. The drone has such great balance and calming bass tones. D# is such an energizing note and has always been one of my favorites to play with speed but also so great to play in a more ambient meditative style of play. Great for every level player and especially for someone who is just starting out on the didgeridoo as it will be a great teacher!

Sold, thanks Jon! in Lacey, WA

Didgeridoo #390

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This one has incredible overtone capabilities with its smaller long bore and nice little bell at the end. It takes such little breath to play and the drone has such a nice feel to it. If you have been playing on other woods or materials you will probably try and over blow at first. This one just wants to do the work for you. It would be great for those struggling with circular breathing with its incredible back pressure and guide you along to mastering it. With its smaller size it is perfect for travel and taking to jams (which is one of the things I miss most these days) once they start happening again soon! Would be great to play with drums with all its percussive capabilities and is a rhythm machine. Such a unique didge!


Sold, thanks Steve! In Deland, FL





Didgeridoo #383

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I found this Old Soul very recently and just loved the resonance and thicker, heavier wood on it that I started working on it the next day. I love these smaller agaves as they play like a didge twice their size and have amazing volume and power while being the perfect size for traveling, hiking, or playing out. This has amazing response and is a rhythmic machine. It has incredible balance to its drone with superb overtone and vocal capabilities. D# has always been one of my favorite keys for rhythmic play and a very uplifting energizing key. This would be perfect for every skill level and such a dynamic didge!



Sold, Thanks Ash! In Acushnet, MA

Didgeridoo #381

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  • Key: C
  • Length: 68″
  • Bell: 6″
  • Mouthpiece: Zebrawood, Walnut, Purpleheart, Shedua
  • Back pressure: Very strong
  • Skill level: Any
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs



Sold, Thanks again Mike! in Truckee, CA

Didgeridoo #375

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Fusion time again! After taking some time away from making them I have had more time to experiment and so happy to have created this unique didge! Kind of crazy to think at 6 feet that this is in D#. I combined two very resonant and different agaves as the top piece was a very small dense agave that tapers perfectly to the bell of this larger agave.  They seemed to be a perfect match as this is such an incredibly fun and versatile didge. This has so much volume and response and can play so strong in every style. I love playing it in an ambient style as it has such an ease to the drone and so many harmonics and bass tones. With this shape and longer bell is makes it almost sound like it has a built in amplifier. The vocals are so strong, the overtones insanely easy, and those that like to drop the drone the shape lends itself well for that style as well as well as a higher drone with ease. This one can do everything and might just break you out of a slump if you feel stuck in your playing as it is just a blast to play. Would be and incredible performance didge!


Sold, thanks again Mike! In Truckee, CA

Didgeridoo #380

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I remember when I found this stalk out on my harvest. Some just stand out in my mind as it is so exciting to find ones like this.  I just loved its shape and dense thicker wood. I love these Old Souls that have tons of bug holes and cracks that show their time in the harsh desert. This one definitely gained lots of wisdom from its time out there. This is such a calming didge to me and after playing it  I felt this real peace and seemed to slow me down. I noticed while playing a bear face formed from spots in the floor. I love how didge can make you see things differently and the visuals that come to you. The drone has such beautiful bass tones and the overtones and vocals are so strong and clear. I chose the mouthpiece to compliment the amazing coloration in the bell which are similar to bubinga and purpleheart. I love its rhythmic ability and it just can move with you. It loves to play in an ambient way as well with its healing drone. I can’t wait to see where this one ends up!

Sold, thanks again Mike! In Truckee, CA

Didgeridoo #376

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This is a firecracker of a didge and wants to play fast right out of the box! I love these shorter fast taper didges as they are so responsive to rhythmic play and this one has such a solid drone with great back pressure and so effortless to play. Awesome vocal and clear overtones with easy transitions. This one really stood out when I harvested it as it just rings when you knock on it which translates to amazing response as a didge. It quickly went to the front of the line of ones I was working on as these are just a blast to play. Agave never ceases to amaze me! A great didge for every style and every skill level!

Sold, thanks Greg! In Sharpsburg, MD

Didgeridoo #368

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Some agaves just have a shape that feels magical and this is one of them. It is hard to tell you how amazing this one is until you see its form in person. When you play it, you will see how magical it is. as well. Incredible response and plays with amazing speed and in an ambient style is so powerful. I love F and has always been one of my favorite keys. Always one that we need to nourish the heart. Such an easy didge to play and has an incredibly soothing tone with easy transitions to overtones and vocals are so crystal clear. Perfect for every style player and such a unique and beautiful form!


Sold, thanks again Dee! in Phoenix, AZ

Didgeridoo #378

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This is light as a feather and more powerful than you can imagine. I was blown away by how   incredibly responsive and easy this one is to play. The drone is so sweet  and soothing. It has amazing rhythmic and percussive capabilities with its longer neck that tapers to the beautiful flared bell. This is perfect for beginners to really explore all the possibilities you can create with the instrument and perfect for every level to expand your playing and create new sounds and rhythms. If you are learning circular breathing here is a great teacher. If you are a master at it this will practically play itself.  The overtones are so easy and just sing with the drone and so easy to transition to. Vocals are strong and this one also has tremendous volume. This is a special didge that will inspire so much and would be great for every level and any style of play. Would be a great performance didge! A powerful gem that will bring you so much inspiration!

Sold, thanks again Letty and Owen! in APO, AE