Didgeridoo #323

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As I was driving to one of my favorite harvest spots I caught this one out the corner of my eye on the side of the highway. I did a quick U turn as I knew it was such a unique stalk. This one had more bug activity than almost any I have ever worked. In these bug holes there are over 80 turquoise inlays. Along with these inlays, amazing varied pigmentation in the wood, bubinga and sapele mouthpiece, and incredible shape this is an absolute stunning piece. On top of being a beautiful didge I just love how this one plays. It is so responsive and has such a strong and mesmerizing drone. It have great vocal and overtone abilities and can play so strong in any style and for every level player. D# is such an uplifting key and one of my favorite for rhythmic style of play. Such a gem!

Sold, Thanks Derek! in Phoenix, AZ