Didgeridoo #328

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  • Key: E/D#
  • Length: 53″
  • Bell: 6.5″
  • Mouthpiece: Purpleheart, Bubinga
  • Back pressure: Very strong
  • Skill level: Any




As you can tell from the photos this has some of the most stunning pigments I have seen on an agave! One reason I prefer to use really old stalks is with time the wood hardens in the desert and more varied pigments form with bug activity and other natural occurrences. This one had lots of termite activity and I have no idea what caused the pink pigments but it is a really beautiful rare find. Also the shape stands out as it sits perfect when playing. The small neck on the agave to that really big bell in such a short distance allows for some incredible rhythmic and percussive capabilities and this one is just so explosive. Incredible vocal and overtones accent this crisp drone and plays with a ton of volume and presence. This one registered in E almost right on 432 here but in 440 is a bit of an in between note. A lot of sound healers prefer this tuning and also it its good to mention that didges will fluctuate a bit in tuning with temperature and humidity. I always go on feel and this one feels really great to play with some incredible capabilities and just a gorgeous piece of art on top of it! 


Sold, Thanks again Astarius! in Sedona, AZ