Didgeridoo #321


It is hard to capture the beauty and variation in colors and shapes of agaves in photos. This one has such a cool shape with subtle curves and amazing coloration throughout. These inspired me to choose purpleheart for the mouthpiece to accent all these hues. This one reminds me of one in my collection and plays with so much pace and power. The thinner neck allows for some really fast transitions and has awesome overtone and vocal capabilities. This would also be perfect for meditative style of play as agaves are known for their strength in this department. This one would be easy to move around with with its size and weighs only about 3lbs. With the bell and thinner walls it also has a ton of volume and presence. A great choice for any style and level player!





Sold, thanks Nick! in Tucson, AZ

One comment on “Didgeridoo #321

  1. It’s been about a week and a half since I took this beauty home and, sure enough, I’ve been playing it every day. I feel like a kid with a new video game. As we discussed when I was there, Kyle, your descriptions are spot on. I don’t know what else to add besides thank you for your work. Everyone who has laid eyes on this wizard staff has only had great things to say, myself included of course. 11/10, have been spreading the word nonstop to anyone who will listen. Keep it up, please!