Didgeridoo #186

I was so excited when I found this agave and was the first I worked on when I got back home from that day collecting. I absolutely love these thick old souls for the way the way they play and look. I am guessing this was waiting out in the desert for a few years waiting to be transformed into an instrument. While out there it became a home for many insects that created a ton of opportunities for me to inlay turquoise throughout. This one has such a great taper and has perfect back pressure. It responds to any tiny manipulation of sound and has such a good feel to the drone. The vocals are clear and loud and the overtones with its bore taper, wall thickness, and length make the overtones a cinch. This would be great for a beginner to the most advanced as it is so easy to play but has so many capabilities.




Sold, Thanks Jeff! in Knysna, South Africa

One comment on “Didgeridoo #186

  1. Hey Kyle,
    Niko here again. I checked out all of the new didges you put up! First of all let me say they all look amazing! You do great work and I feel honored to have found your website and look forward to the day I personally own one of your instruments/art pieces.
    I was curious if this didge #186 in the key of C is at 432hz?
    Hope all is well,