Didgeridoo #51


  • Key: C#
  • Length: 69″
  • Mouth on agave: 2.4″
  • Bell: 6.25″
  • Mouthpiece: Wenge, Satinwood, Sheuda: 1.2″
  • Wall thickness: Thick!
  • Backpressure: Strong
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs

I remember finding this one and instantly knowing that it would become a great didgeridoo. Very thick wood for an agave with a weathered yet polished look with the bug holes and cracks on the exterior. I can’t say enough about how this one plays. It practically plays itself with very little breath required and has such a strong resonance. The overtones are crystal clear and vocals really pop. This would be great for the most advanced player but also for someone who has never ┬ápicked up a didgeridoo to learn on. Finishing it off are some of my favorite woods that compliment the uniqueness of this didge.













Sold, Thanks Larry! in Calgary,Canada


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