Didgeridoo #357

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One of my favorite didges is a little F# that looks very unassuming but packs a big punch and is a rhythm making machine. I wanted to create another similar to it so cut this one to the same exact length.The  result  was the same, an incredibly powerful rhythmic machine! I have always loved playing these higher pitch didges and this one would be such a great fit for someone who is looking to explore the higher keys wanting to play quick percussive style rhythms. It also excels in a more ambient style as the higher keys are so great to play in this way as well. Despite its size this one has a ton of volume and bass tones with really easy to reach toots. There is also a really nice overtone in the drone when pushed right. This would be a great travel didge with its size and sturdiness as this is a thick very dense agave. It also has great back pressure and doesn’t take very much air to get going. I think this would be a great street performance didge as well to travel around with and not take up a lot of space while producing good volume and also great for sound healing. A little powerhouse! 

Sold, thanks again Letty and Owen! in APO, AE