Didgeridoo #351

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I have really needed these deeper keys to  calm my mind these days. When I ended recording this I just felt so much more present and peaceful. It is hard to find didges in A for a good reason as they require a lot more length and patience to make. It is such an important key and everyone who hears them or plays in person is hooked. I love how this one slows you down and plays so well in an ambient meditative style and is so calming. The drone is so deep and has a great amount of bass tones to it. Requiring so little breath makes it so easy to circular breathe. The vocals and overtones are outstanding. With its light weight it would also work well for sound healers or players that like to move around while playing. If you have played for a while and feel like exploring a deep key this would be such an amazing didge!

Sold, thanks again Stephen! in Lakehead, CA