Didgeridoo #333

In my early 20’s I moved to Montana for my love of fly fishing and the outdoors. I loved the adventure of hiking along a stream in search of trout while soaking in the  beautiful surroundings. Searching for agaves is similar as I hike the hills seeking agaves off in the distance and wondering if they will be a future didge. I bring this up because when I find certain stalks I feel like I have caught a lunker. This is such a stalk. It is so exciting to find these thick Old Souls that have grown from seed into a giant agave and then to flower and this stalk  survives several years in the field. This one has some dense thick walls that taper to a medium thickness bell. These thicker agaves are hard to find and just love the way they play. This has such a sweet drone that is so calming to play. Incredible rhythmic capabilities and can play with great speed but just loves to play in a more meditative style. I love the vocals and overtones and has perfect amount of back pressure. As you can see this has a ton of turquoise. There are over 100 inlays!  I also added a mouthpiece of beautiful rosewood and bubinga which compliment the agave and turquoise so well. Perfect for any level this is a piece of art that plays with such power!

Sold, Thanks again Kristen and Christian! In Miller Place, NY

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