Didgeridoo #332

I love the feel of this didge and it has such a calming mesmerizing drone. It loves to slow you down and play in a more meditative ambient style. If you are a sound healer this would be amazing with its incredibly light weight while having an amazing amount of volume and power. Would be so easy to move around with if playing in a group setting. The deep bass tone is so incredible and with the thin walls has some incredible vocal abilities and easy overtones. This one takes so little breath and less is more as it is so responsive. Even though it excels in slower tempos it also has amazing faster rhythmic capabilities which is so fun to hear in these deeper keys. If you are looking to slow down and play in a meditative style to help with the stressful times but also let go rhythmically this one would be a great fit!

Sale, originally $525
Sold, thanks Sandra! In Elba,NY

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