Didgeridoo #324

  • Key: C#
  • Length; 52″
  • Bell: 3.75″
  • Mouthpiece: Canary, Purpleheart
  • Back pressure: Strong
  • Skill level: any

If you look at my personal collection you will see that most of mine look similar to this one. I just love these thicker open bore didgeridoos. They have such a calming bass filled drone and has a nice overtone in the drone when you push it right. C# is the key I first started playing on  and is always a great reminder of how I fell in love with the instrument when I play this key. This would be a great one for the ultimate beginner to most seasoned player. It has such a nice feel to it  and along with the solid drone has amazing vocals and overtone capabilities. I also love the look of this one and I decided to make a little different looking combo mouthpiece and there is also a ton of turquoise inlaid throughout. A really solid didge for everyone!


Sold, Thanks again Dustin! in Chicago, IL

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