Didgeridoo #325

This one has such an amazing form! As you can see from the photos it has a really quick taper from the smaller mouth and neck to that big bell. This one rests perfectly for those who sit down when playing and seems the agave was really hoping it would become a didge someday when it shot up its flower:) It is an absolute rhythm machine and can play with incredible tempo with ease. It also has amazing percussive, vocal, and overtone capabilities and is just a blast to play. This would be such a great didge to play alongside drums with all these capabilities as you will surely be heard with its volume and presence. I recorded a second track of it over the first sample for this one to show how it is also so strong at playing in an ambient style with rhythmic play. I have always loved playing in these higher notes in this manner. This one is kind of an in between note as in 440 tuning it kind of fluctuates between F and E. In 432 tuning it is very close to being right on in F. I pay more attention to feel than tuning as most in my personal collection aren’t in perfect key. Nature has so many keys why limit them! A great didge that can do it all!




Sold, thanks again Colten and Amanda! In Colorado Springs, CO

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