Didgeridoo #264

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  • Key: A
  • Length: 78″
  • Bell: 5.25″
  • Mouthpiece: Bubinga, Purpleheart
  • Back pressure: Very strong
  • Wall thickness: Medium

A is for Amazing! This is only the third A I have ever made over the past 19 years of making agave didges. The other one is in my collection and my cousin grabbed the other before it even made it on the site. A is one of the hardest notes to find and for good reason as they are difficult to make and require a great amount of length. This stalk just sings when it plays. Another one of the monster didges I promised would be coming this is huge at 6 and a half feet in length with a really big bore which creates an incredibly rich bass filled drone. You can feel the whole didge instantly shake when you play it as the wood has tremendous resonate properties with perfect thickness for a big bore didge with this kind of length. Words and sound clips can’t really describe how special this didge is until you actually play it. There is an instant feeling of relaxation when you hear it. This would be incredible for sound healers and people that love to play in a meditative ambient style. It also has great rhythmic abilities with its open bore and is so cool to hear such a deep instrument play with such pace. The vocals are crystal clear and travel so well up and down the length and the overtones so easy and soothing. The first overtone is in C and the second back in A which could be great for those that use didges with looping machines. I am so excited to see where this special Amazing didge ends up!




Sold, Thanks Eric! in Minneapolis, MN