Didgeridoo #244

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I absolutely love how this one plays! It plays with such response and power with hardly any breath required. C is the root chakra and we all know that right now we need to ground ourselves more than ever. This one definitely has that effect on me when I play it. When I was recording the sample I didn’t want to stop. It feels like this one just wants to keep playing and it is ready and warmed up right away. At 6 feet in length this is a great didge for traveling sounds and creating intricate soundscapes. The shape also lends itself well to overtone styles of play. The vocals are tremendous and really bright and clear. The drone is just so balanced with some really nice bass tones and easily reached drone overtone rings when pushed right. I would highly recommend this one to the most advanced player to one that has never picked up a didge. Excited to see where it ends up!


Sold, Thanks Hunter! in Reno, NV