Didgeridoo #233

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This didge was such a surprise to me as when I was working on it I assumed it would be in D or C#. I have started to craft a lot more of these smaller  and more affordable didges and are loving how they are turning out and sounding. To craft an agave didge in B it is usually as tall as the player. This one at 56″ would be great for someone wanting to explore these deep notes without having a huge didge that is harder to travel with. This was an extremely old stalk and had so much bug activity that there is more turquoise inlaid in this than almost any didge I have worked on. you cant tell from the photos but there are over 50 inlays throughout. It is pretty striking to see it in person. It plays with such ease it feels like it practically plays it self. This has very strong back pressure and takes so little breath you might try to over blow it at first. Great for learning circular breathing! The overtones are so easy with its narrow bore and the drone has a quality that is hard to describe but feels so deep. B is a great note and this would be an awesome addition to someone looking for a deep meditative didge. This one just keeps wanting you to come back and play it and have really been enjoying it before it finds its new home.



Sold, Thanks Roman! in South San Francisco, CA