Didgeridoo #225

I drove by this impressive stalk for 2 years as it was perched so nicely on a little hill and was especially beautiful at sunset with the Santa Rita mountains in the background.  The photographer in me left it up for this long even though I wanted it so badly. It had finally succumbed to the desert and was ready to fall and be brought back to life.   It was definitely worth the wait as this is an incredibly powerful didge. A# is one of the most popular keys  and for good reason. It is such a powerful note and is instantly mesmerizing for both the listener and player. This one has really nice strong back pressure that makes it so easy to circular breathe and these long deep notes also require hardly any breath. Awesome vocal and overtone ability with a nice balanced drone with a bass punch that is unreal.  If you like meditative and ambient style of playing this would be perfect but this can also play with great speed because of its taper and length. If you have never played one of these deep keyed didges you’re in for a treat! There is something magical about this didge.


Sold, thanks Thomas! In Oslo, Norway

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