Didgeridoo #372

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This one may just keep playing after you stop as it just about plays itself! This is one of the easiest didges I have every played and would highly recommend to someone who has never picked up a didge to the most advanced players looking to expand on their possibilities. This one is almost a replica to one of my favorite didges. Its long neck and shape with the bell create amazing back pressure and takes so little breath you may start out overblowing it as less is more on this one. The vocals are incredible and this one has a ton of volume to let them out. The drone has such nice balance and such a soothing feel to it. This one is light as a feather so great for moving around with and sound healing. This plays so strong in every style and so responsive. If you like overtones you will love this one as they come so easy and so effortless transitioning. If you are looking to start out or take your playing to another level you are going to love this one, it’s electric!

Sold, thanks Doug! In Sierra Vista, AZ