Didgeridoo #363

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Whenever I have seemed stuck rhythmically it seems that D# gets me out of the slump. I just love the key for its energy and has always been a popular key especially for those that choose one in person. This one is just a gem and  It plays with such power and presence while requiring such a small amount of breath. I love the bass filled drone and vocal and overtone ability it has. This has such a unique shape and coloration with reds, whites, pinks, and dark pigments throughout. A ton of bug activity translates into a ton of turquoise inlays that really pop accenting this beautiful array of colors. I would highly recommend this one to every level player and when you see this in person it will blow you away before you even play it and then you will be blown away again once you do play it!



Sold, Thanks Nicole! In Lakeville, MA