Didgeridoo #358

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This is one of the most unique belled agaves I have found. This enormous agave grew 15 feet from #359 and seems both spent a lifetime communicating on aspiring to become amazing didges:) A lot of times with these extremely large agaves will have a huge bell at the base but this one has this extremely long bell at such an unusual angle. This shape and long bell creates some incredible playing capabilities with an amazing bass filled drone, easy overtones, incredible vocals, and can play so strong in every style. This would be an incredible didge to start your journey with the instrument to the most advanced to reach another level. I am just blown away by how easy it is to play and how much it inspired immediately. Because of its angle shipping is a lot more on this one so I actually lowered the price by $100. I can’t wait to see where it ends up!

Sold, thanks James! in Tulsa, OK