Didgeridoo #305



After all these years I am still in awe  by agaves and how many uses they have. It is incredible being out in the field and see these flowers tower over nearby trees and dot the hills with their amazing silhouettes against the desert sky.  Pure magic! This one really shows just how amazing this plant is.  As you can see from its dimensions this is a huge didge with that 8.5″ bell and weight that is twice as heavy as most agaves. The size and thickness gives this one a ton of power and the drone is so rich and the overtones so bright. Incredible vocals as on all agaves and this one just has a great feel to it. On top of that the wood grain is just beautiful and so varied in pigments with added turquoise throughout.  Really special to find agaves this size and is a special instrument!

Sold, thanks Rek! in Dallas, TX

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