Didgeridoo #268

  • Key: C
  • Length: 58″
  • Bell: 3.5″
  • Mouthpiece: Shedua, Sapele, Padauk
  • Back pressure: very strong
  • Wall thickness: Medium

The agave plant is such an impressive plant that I just can’t gush enough about it. I am still in awe every time I go out and collect the stalks and think of their path from seed to this giant flower. This cam from an enormous agave which allowed me to leave on the flower nubs for the entire length of the didge. I have always love the looks of these and how each nub is on a subtle curve of the beautiful flower. These big agave have extremely sturdy stalks and this one has such dense resonant wood. I love how it look and love how it plays! A friend recently wrote me about solfeggio frequencies.  He told me that C tuned to 444hz is one. I then realized my two C’s in my own collection were both in that tuning. This one also registered in 444hz , which can obviously vary with environment being a wood instrument, but his one has such a calming effect on the player and sure the listener. It has such a nice deep bass drone with easy overtones and clear loud vocals. A great one for the beginner to most advanced!


Sold, Thanks Andrew! in Boise, ID

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