Didgeridoo #250

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This is a very different looking stalk than many of the didges I craft. This is a different species that is rare to find around southern Arizona. I was so excited to see this impressive stalk and love the form and the concentrated flower branch nubs. This is a huachuca agave and found more commonly in Northern Arizona. It is always fun to work with different looking stalks and this one has such a great presence to it. I love how this one plays. It comes alive when you play it and the drone is so soothing. It registered in D# at 432hz and although this might fluctuate a bit with temperature and humidity levels this one is a really healing didge. The drone has such a nice balance and the bass tones so rich. The overtones are so easy to reach and the vocals are crystal clear. The response is amazing and has such amazing rhythmic and ambient capabilities. I would strongly suggest this to someone who is about to start their journey with the didge to the most advanced player. Such a unique and special didge!




Sold, Thanks Alicia! in Calgary, Canada