Didgeridoo #243

As you might be able to tell from the photos this one was built for explosive rhythmic style of play. I found this stalk on the last day of harvest. It was also the first day the monsoons visited so was hiking through the rain when I happened upon this stalk. I have a pretty good collection of stalks that I have to work on but this one jumped to the front of the line. I love these fast tapered didges with these big bells. It allows for the player to play with such tempo with hardly any breath and this one has so much volume as well. With this taper the overtones are also so easy to find and the vocals really strong and bright. If you are a performing or like to play with other instruments this will be a great addition. This would have the volume and be able to cut through drums well if you play in drum circles. D# is one of my favorite for playing fast rhythms for some reason. I just love how this one plays and how responsive it is. Like all agaves it plays so well in the more ambient style as well. A real gem!



Sold, Thanks Scott, in Dahlonega, GA

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