Didgeridoo #240

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  • Key: C#
  • Length: 55″
  • Bell: 3″
  • Mouthpiece: Sapele, Shedua
  • Wall thickness: Medium
  • Back pressure: Very strong


Not only is this a great travel size didge this one plays with such power and presence. This one has nice solid dense wood and has such a nice feel to it when playing. The drone has a beautiful overtone effect in it when you find it and creates such a magical sound. Tremendous vocals as well and the toots are so easy as well. Great for both ambient and fast style of play and so responsive for beat boxing styles as well. This one takes hardly any breath like almost all agaves and is a great note to start on and also one of my favorite keys. Whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned player this would be a great didge that is sure to inspire many new sounds and rhythms.






Sold, Thanks Joshua! in San Ramon, CA