Didgeridoo #24

  • Key: D#
  • Length: 65.5″
  • Mouth on Agave: 2.25″
  • Bell: 9.5!!”
  • Mouthpiece: Wenge, Satinwood, Cocobolo, Zebrawood- 1.2″ opening
  • Wall thickness: Medium
  • Backpressure: Strong
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs


My drive back from this harvest was a bit dangerous as  I couldn’t stop looking in the back of my wagon in awe of this stalk. I even had to pull over a few times to admire it and measure it again and again with a big smile on my face. The unique quality about a didge like this is that to find a 9.5″ bell it usually would be too large to make a didge as the big ones taper slower. This one on the other hand just explodes near the bell. This explosiveness also translates to how it plays. Tons of capabilities and the first time I got to play it I was feeling like I had started playing didge again for the first time with such excitement. Being such a special stalk I decided to use some of my favorite woods that really accent each other and add to the beauty of this didge. This one plays with ease being ideal for the beginner to the most advanced.






Sold, Thanks again Gary! in Little Rock, AR

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