Didgeridoo #145

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  • Key: A#
  • Length: 78.5″
  • Bell: 5.75″
  • Mouthpiece: Spalted Sycamore, Walnut
  • Wall Thickness: Medium to Thick
  • Backpressure: Very Strong
  • I am so excited about this didgeridoo. This one stood out from the beginning in my summer line. A huge agave that I found already fallen. This Old Soul I estimate at three years surviving out in the desert before I found it. Most other agaves would not have made it through these extreme conditions. It has nice dense thicker wood with tons of cracks that are all filled from the inside but give it such a weathered look on the outside. The sun really bleached the wood over the years so I thought spalted sycamore and walnut would compliment it well.   At over 6 feet in length and its big bore this agave has some great volume and the drone is so crisp and mesmerizing with an almost singing bowl overtone in the background. A# is such an incredible note and harder to find out there. If you like to play in a meditative style this one is definitely for you. Would be amazing for sound healers. With its open bore and responsiveness you can play some really fast explosive rhythms with ease and it has so much pop. Really nice clear and loud overtones.  Such nice back pressure for easy circular breathing. This is one of my  favorites I have made over all these years that will inspire new sounds and rhythms. Excited to see who the lucky person is that ends up with it!







Sold, Thanks again Jeff! in New Rochelle, NY