Didgeridoo #574 Key: B


  • Key: B
  • Length: 66″
  • Bell: 4″
  • Mouthpiece: Canary, Padauk
  • Back pressure: Very strong
  • Weight: 6.4. lbs
  • Skill level:  Any

Such a powerful didge I really considered keeping this one and even took off the site for a few months. But, I have too many Didges and this should be someone’s main didge as it has so much power and incredible capabilities and will bring so much inspiration to its new owner. This is such a dense and thick agave and another on the heavier side at 6.4 lbs. it has such a bass filled and balanced drone. The overtones are incredibly easy on this one and transferring from drone to  toots is one of its amazing abilities it has. Is so great in both fast and meditative play and has amazing percussive and rhythmic capabilities and also would be perfect for sound healing, meditation, and ambient soundscapes. I also love the look of the long mouthpiece with the canary and padauk and adds such a nice touch to this beauty! Can’t wait to see where it’s heading on its sound journey!