Didgeridoo #418

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One of the many reasons I love these older stalks is how the wood changes with time in the harsh desert environment. It is unreal what pigments are created over time and this is one of the most beautiful combination of colors I have found. It is hard to tell from the photos just how unique it is but whoever gets this one will be blown away when they see it in person. The sound is incredible  when I first started playing it I said to myself “this is like a wild mustang”. It has so much power and speed right off the bat and has tremendous response. The drone is so sweet and love the harmonics while singing along with the drone. The vocals and overtones are amazing with easy transitions. The big bell with smaller bore at the mouthpiece creates really strong back pressure and takes so little breath. Plays with such power in every style of play and the perfect didge for every level player! Can’t wait to see who the lucky new owner will be!

  • Key: D
  • Length: 62.5″
  • Bell: 6.5″
  • Mouthpiece: Bubinga
  • Back pressure: Very strong
  • Skill level: Any
  • Weight: 3.5lbs
Sold, thanks again Ghost! in Columbia Falls,