Didgeridoo #338

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On my drive home from this harvest I was pretty beat and ready to call it when I saw this out of the corner of my eye. It had fallen over on a pretty steep hill and decided to check one last agave out. I am so glad I did as this is such an amazing didge! This was an enormous stalk that toppled over because of its great weight and size. After falling it cured in the desert with one side being bleached white from the intense desert sun. This is really unusual and just love the look of it. Beside the unique colors this is such a thick and dense stalk with beautiful curves that you can’t see as well in the pics. This is such a soulful didge and love the deep key of B. Would be so great for meditative style of play and also has tremendous rhythmic ability. The vocals are so strong and the overtones so clear and easy to find. It take so little breath you can play the overtones like a crystal bowl. Soothing bass tones in the well balanced drone and such great back pressure. Most of the time I don’t recommend B’s or deeper keys to beginners but this one is just so easy to play it would work for any level. Such a unique piece!

Sold, Thanks again Hunter! In Tepotzlan, MOR, Mexico