Sold Didges

Didgeridoo #195

I found this enormous stalk laying on the desert floor over a year ago. The extreme size and weight caused the flower to topple over as it was probably over 30 feet in length. It was still too soon to harvest a the time so I went back a year later to collect it and work on it. This would be an amazing didge for a sound healer as it registers close to 432hz. It has extreme volume and resonance and with the deep key of B it is mesmerizing. Despite its size it takes very little breath because of its strong back pressure . The big bore adds a ton of bass to the crisp drone. The vocals are amazing and with its length they really can travel the didge and create really unique effects.  Making these large didges is time consuming but are well worth it when you get to play them and feel the power, volume, resonance, and vocals abilities that they contain.












Sold, Thanks again Jeff! in New Rochelle, NY

Didgeridoo #190

  • Key: A#
  • Length: 74″
  • Bell: 5″
  • Mouthpiece: Shedua, Wenge, Canary
  • Wall thickness: Thick
  • Back pressure: Very Strong








Sold, Thanks Dean! in Bozeman, MT

Didgeridoo #179

  • Key: D#
  • Length: 51″
  • Bell: 3″
  • Mouthpiece: Oak
  • Back pressure: Strong
  • Wall thickness: Medium





Sold, thanks Clark! in El Paso, TX

Didgeridoo #180


I would really recommend this one to anyone that is using didgeridoo for sound healing purposes. This registered in C at 432 frequency. If you don’t know much about this tuning you should look up some of the literature on it. It also has such nice bright overtones that registered right in key as well. This one has a ton of volume and nice bass tones with its open bore. The great amount of back pressure makes circular breathing a cinch and the vocals are tremendous.


Sold, Thanks Courtney! in Missoula, MT

Didgeridoo #181

  • Key: D
  • Length: 68″
  • Bell: 6.5″
  • Mouthpiece: Padauk, Canary, Satinwood, Beli:1.25″
  • Back pressure: Very Strong
  • Wall thickness: Thin







Sold, Thanks Eric! in Bozeman,  MT