Sold Didges

Didgeridoo #352


My dog Bean just loves didgeridoo and certain ones she will always come over and hang out nearby for a listen. She seems to love this one and I do as well. This one has such a nice round bass tone to the drone with its bigger bore and some incredible vocal ability and volume that explode out that large bell. This one is just as comfortable playing ambient soundscapes as it is incredibly fast rhythms. It has a really soothing drone and registered in E at 432hz. Can fluctuate obviously with climate but just has a healing energy to it. I love the wood tones in this one and the bell is unique with such a light coloration with some nice contrasting darker lines. This would be such a great fit for every skill level and style!




Sold, thanks Rob!

Didgeridoo #338



On my drive home from this harvest I was pretty beat and ready to call it when I saw this out of the corner of my eye. It had fallen over on a pretty steep hill and decided to check one last agave out. I am so glad I did as this is such an amazing didge! This was an enormous stalk that toppled over because of its great weight and size. After falling it cured in the desert with one side being bleached white from the intense desert sun. This is really unusual and just love the look of it. Beside the unique colors this is such a thick and dense stalk with beautiful curves that you can’t see as well in the pics. This is such a soulful didge and love the deep key of B. Would be so great for meditative style of play and also has tremendous rhythmic ability. The vocals are so strong and the overtones so clear and easy to find. It take so little breath you can play the overtones like a crystal bowl. Soothing bass tones in the well balanced drone and such great back pressure. Most of the time I don’t recommend B’s or deeper keys to beginners but this one is just so easy to play it would work for any level. Such a unique piece!

Sold, Thanks again Hunter! In Tepotzlan, MOR, Mexico

Didgeridoo #346




D# is one of those notes that just gets you moving. I sometimes play at a reiki circle and one the practitioners has a D# crystal bowl and talked about the energetic nature of the note. If you need some uplifting this might be the perfect didge for you! This one is so light weight and plays so easily requiring such little breath. Would be so good for the beginning didge player but also for the most experienced as this one is just explosive. With its thinner walls and big bell it has a ton of volume and the vocals and overtones so clear and easy with its form.  One of my favorite keys for rhythmic play this one will get you moving and lift you up! 

Sold, thanks James! in Omagh, Northern Ireland

Didgeridoo #336


Tired of not being heard in a jam session? Drummers drowning you out again? This one is a percussive machine and has so much volume! The sound sample really doesn’t do this one justice as it is hard to capture its capabilities. It is one of the quickest didges you will play and can achieve some amazing speeds with ease. The bell is so unique and adds such an interesting sound effect to the drone. It almost acts like an amplifier and the sounds get moved around in it in such a cool way. The overtones are so easy to transition to and creates so many rhythmic possibilities. As you can see from its incredible taper this one just wants you to speed up and is such an energizing didge. A perfect didge for those that like to beat box and play in a more percussive style. What a blast to play!


Sold, thanks again Dee! in Phoenix, AZ

Didgeridoo #343


On a recent camping trip I was collecting wood for fire when I found some beautiful alligator juniper that I wanted to turn into a mouthpiece for one of the stalks I had found. It seemed to fit this stalk just right and love the contrast it has to the agave coloration. I just love C# and has been one of my favorite keys since I began. It is such a grounding earthy note and always a great one to play and relax to. This one plays so easily and has such a rich and calming drone. It also has a lot of spunk and really excels not only in meditative style of play but has tremendous rhythmic and percussive abilities. The overtones are so easy to reach and add to rhythms. This also has such amazing vocals and back pressure. This would be great for someone who has never picked up a didge as this one will be a great teacher and also teach a thing or two and inspire new rhythms for the most advanced. A gem especially at this price!!




Sold, thanks again Astarius! In Sedona, AZ

Didgeridoo #350


This is like the Swiss army knife of didges:) It is incredible how many capabilities this one has. It is one of the easiest didges you will ever play for one. This has the perfect amount of back pressure and takes so little breath to to play with tremendous power and volume. Such incredibly easy toots that are so easy to transition back and forth from drone to overtone. It has such clear and poppy vocals and the drone has such a beautiful subtle bass tone. I have already played this one a bunch and will make you a rhythm machine or a calm and ambient player as well as it excels in this area as well. This would be perfect for every level player in any style. on top of it I think this is one of the the coolest stalks with the very old wood that has whites and dark cracks. It has a ton of turquoise inlaid that accents this light wood so beautifully and this didge feels like an ancient magic stick. I can’t wait to see where it ends up and a little jealous too!


Sold, thanks again Dee! in Phoenix, AZ

Didgeridoo #345

I just love how grounding this didge is. These big open bore agaves have such soothing bass tones and even with this open bore they have a great back pressure and take very little breath. This one just feels so good to play and feel so relaxed and present while playing it. This is another really nice thick old soul and would be great for sound healers with its size or for traveling and hiking during these nicer weather months. The overtones are really easy as well and vocals are incredible. I have many big bore agaves in my collection as they are so great to play in an ambient style but you can also play in any style you wish as they can go really fast and play percussively as well.

Sold, thanks William! In Idaho Falls, ID