Straight Didgeridoos

These didgeridoos have good volume and have a nice condensed sound. Don’t be fooled by their size as many of these have as much volume as bell didgeridoos. I really like these for recording¬† and also in performances when using a mic. They are also great for someone who travels and hikes a lot.

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Didgeridoo #383

I found this Old Soul very recently and just loved the resonance and thicker, heavier wood on it that I started working on it the next day. I love these smaller agaves as they play like a didge twice their size and have amazing volume and power while being the perfect size for traveling, hiking, or playing out. This has amazing response and is a rhythmic machine. It has incredible balance to its drone with superb overtone and vocal capabilities. D# has always been one of my favorite keys for rhythmic play and a very uplifting energizing key. This would be perfect for every skill level and such a dynamic didge!



Price: $500.00