Bell Didgeridoos

These are flashy didgeridoos with lots of volume. They are very popular for their appearance and great when playing with drums or other instruments when a mic is not available.

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Didgeridoo #358




This is one of the most unique belled agaves I have found. This enormous agave grew 15 feet from #359 and seems both spent a lifetime communicating on aspiring to become amazing didges:) A lot of times with these extremely large agaves will have a huge bell at the base but this one has this extremely long bell at such an unusual angle. This shape and long bell creates some incredible playing capabilities with an amazing bass filled drone, easy overtones, incredible vocals, and can play so strong in every style. This would be an incredible didge to start your journey with the instrument to the most advanced to reach another level. I am just blown away by how easy it is to play and how much it inspired immediately. Because of its angle shipping is a lot more on this one so I actually lowered the price by $100. I can’t wait to see where it ends up!

Price: $800.00

Didgeridoo #359



As you might have read from the description of #358 this is another incredibly unique and powerful didge that grew right along side it for many years. This is an absolute monster of a didge and playing these big belled didges is hard to put into words just how fun it is. This one is just such an unbelievable form and this old stalk has some amazing wood tones and dense wood that explodes to almost a 9″ bell. As you might see from the photos sometimes these huge agaves form a lot of texture, from I am assuming, termites and other desert insects. There are a ton of caverns and texture on the inside of the bell. It just adds so much character and makes the sound waves travel and bounce around in different ways. This one isn’t as strong at toots as it is easy to reach the first overtone but the rest are harder with the enormous bell. This is for someone who just loves exploring the powerful key of C# and the healing tones this one projects. The drone has such a nice balance with awesome bass tones. The vocals are the best on these monster agaves and if you like to sing along with the drone this one is perfect. It has amazing response and back pressure and would be perfect for any skill level. And for the performer this one would definitely draw a crowd both on the stage or street. I have had so much fun working on this one and seeing it come to life and excited to pass it on to some lucky player out there!



Price: $850.00

Didgeridoo #334

It is hard to put into words the power and ease of play of these monster agaves. This one is such an incredible stalk with nice dense thicker wood.You can’t really tell in the pics but there are a bunch of turquoise inlays throughout as it had a ton of insect and bird activity. I just love its shape and this one is an absolute power house. With its shape it lends itself to incredible rhythmic and percussive style of play but like most deeper key didges this one wants you to slow down and meditate and get lost in its amazing sonic capabilities. The drone is so well balanced with incredible bass tones. I love the vocals on these bigger didges as you can really travel them well up and down its length. The overtones are so clear and calming and feels like you are playing a crystal bowl when you hear them. With the very little amount of air needed you can really extend them for long durations. This would be such an amazing didge for those interested in exploring the deeper meditative keys!




Sale, originally $825
Price: $750.00