Didgeridoo #473 Key: A


  • Key: A
  • Length: 91″
  • Bell: 8.75″
  • Mouthpiece: Padauk, Granadillo
  • Back pressure: Very strong
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Skill level: Intermediate-Advanced

It is hard to put something that is somewhat indescribable into words. My friends comment that it is otherworldly is a great place to start though! This was quite a project and never have attempted making one of this length and size. At 7 feet 7 inches it is even bigger than what you can imagine when you see it in person. This big bore big bell monster agave towers above you and really is unreal a plant can produce flowers this large. This old soul agave attracted a ton of attention when it bloomed becoming a home for countless bugs and birds feeding on them where I have inlaid a ton of local turquoise to accent its beauty. It is quite an experience to play this didge and will instantly transport you to another place the first moment you hear it. It has so much balance with its drone and incredible bass tones and has an instant calming effect on the player and listener. Another incredible capability of this didge is how percussive it is. So easy to transfer from drone to overtone and I made the mouthpiece a little bigger for this reason as these monster agaves just have so much pressure. This would make this an amazing didge for beatbox style of play and rhythms and percussion and feels like it is electric in its response. This would be a sound healer and meditative style player’s dream didge. The vocals are tremendous and seeing it also takes so little breath and easy circular breathing it allows the player to sing along and explore all the vocal possibilities. Agave with its incredible light weight but dense walls it still only weighs 7 lbs and one of the reasons it is so responsive and plays like a higher note with the incredibly deep tone. I am a little nervous to ship this one so pick up in person is preferable and will give a $100 discount if you do. If not I will definitely be able to figure out the packing challenge of the year and send this incredible piece to the lucky new owner!