Didgeridoo #451 Key: B/A#


  • Key: B/A#
  • Length: 75″
  • Bell: 5.25″
  • Mouthpiece: African Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry

Some agaves feel like they have been around for many lifetimes and contain so much wisdom when you see and hear them. This agave is just that as it has an ancient and powerful feel to it just holding it. This is an incredibly dense agave with  twisted wood grain that is hard to tell just how cool it is from the photos. This one has such a deep and profound drone and is an instant transporter to a meditative state. It has incredible bass tones with its bigger bore that are so soothing and the vocals and overtones are incredible. I’m love the response on this one and plays with such ease. This would be so great for sound healing and meditation and whoever gets this one will be blown away as the photos and sound clip doesn’t show the immense power it holds!