Didgeridoo #417 Key: B


  • Key: B
  • Length: 60″
  • Bell: 3.5″
  • Mouthpiece: Padauk
  • Back pressure: Very strong
  • Skill level: Any
  • Weight: 3lbs

Most of the agave stalks that I harvest are out in the wild but this is one I discovered on a beautifully landscaped artist retreat out of town. I was blown away by the size of the agaves on the property as they receive much more water and can grow to enormous sizes. This one had fallen over from its tremendous weight and height of more than 30 feet. I let this one age for two years in my shop and would check on it occasionally to see if it was ready. It finally was that time and I just love the way it came out! This was from the top of the stalk and hard to tell but has such a unique shape at the mouthpiece because of the big flower branches. This one is so easy to play with such great back pressure and such a solid bass filled deep drone. The vocals and overtones are awesome and allows for some great capabilities for percussive style of play as well as where agaves really excel in an ambient and meditative style of play. I love everything about this one and was well worth the wait!