Didgeridoo #416 Key: C


  • Key: C
  • Length: 66″
  • Bell: 4.75″
  • Mouthpiece: Black Walnut, Padauk
  • Back pressure: Very strong
  • Skill level: Any
  • Weight: 5.2 lbs

C has always been a key that has resonated me me so much. It is such a grounding key and is the root chakra. We need it more than ever in these times. I already have 3 in C or I would be tempted to add this one. I love everything about this didge. It is an extremely old thicker stalk that has such a beautiful gradual taper. It has a powerful drone which comes so easily and requires very little breath and the back pressure is so great making circular breathing much easier. I love the vocals on these thicker agaves and the overtones so soothing easy transition back and forth with the drone. This one registered in C at 432 which many sound healers prefer. This will fluctuate a bit with weather and humidity but this is definitely a powerful healing instrument. The first overtone also registered in E at 432 and has such a calming singing bowl like quality. This feels like a magical instrument that will bring so much joy to whoever it finds!